God's Word--One Little Index Card at a Time

8:05 AMHeather

Trash Talking is Biblical

7:17 AMHeather

Missed Appointments=Missed Opportunities

7:08 AMChris

Patient Planting

10:30 AMHeather

Frugal Friday--Raising Financially Fit Kids

8:42 AMHeather

Surprised by Spring

6:11 AMHeather

Midnight Snacks

7:25 AMHeather

Double Digits Baby!

7:09 AMHeather

I Must be a Bad Student

7:11 AMHeather

Frugal Friday--A Random Assortment of Online Deals

9:40 AMHeather

Human Being...not Human Doing

9:43 AMHeather

Spring Break

8:36 AMHeather

Frugal Friday--Cheap Dates

7:40 AMHeather

Glorious Pain

6:42 AMHeather

Keep on Keeping on

8:35 AMHeather

I'm Wilting

7:50 AMHeather

Your Very Own Cheering Section

8:01 AMHeather

Frugal Friday--Everythings a Buck, Buck, Buck

7:44 AMHeather

Carry Each Other's Burdens

6:00 AMHeather

Six Ways to Keep the "Little" in Your Girl--A Retrospective

8:17 AMHeather

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

10:44 AMHeather

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