I'm Wilting

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I am hungry. Starving. Famished. And, I'm thirsty. Oh so thirsty. Particularly for my usual morning Keurig Donut Shop coffee complete with caramel machiatto creamer. Because that's how I start my day. And I am a creature of habit. But, not today. I feel as though I'm wilting. You see, I'm having this little outpatient surgery thingy today, which means no food or drink after midnight. And, oh my gravy, this is brutal. (yes, I know I sound like a whiney baby that these 8 hours of no eating is too much for me). I remember my dad used to say how he was "like a bear" when he got hungry. Hmm. I think I go beyond that. I tend to get irritable--which is of course, quite an understatement.

Last night, I had the best time having dinner with my Life Group girls. While they were looking at the fresh and fit section, I was hunting for the fattening and filling section. Thought maybe I'd load up in preparation for this morning. So, I ate a lot. And, I drank about a jillion glasses of water. This, however, seems to have back fired because I feel even more hungry than usual this morning. Of course, it could be psychological because never has the smell of the kids' toaster strudels and biscuit sausages been more pronounced or more tempting.

And, as I'm sitting here listening to my stomach growl like a thunder clap, I'm thinking about how this is exactly how I can tend to approach my walk with Christ. I go to church on Sunday and gorge on the Biblical teachings and amazing praise and worship. And, I go to Bible studies and just binge on the lessons and the truth. But, it's not like a building a savings account. I can't make a deposit and then thrive on the interest earned. (Seriously--anyone else earn an impressive $2.39 of monthly interest?). Without daily pressing in to know Him more, I'll be hungry and irritable and I'll be wilting.

INTENTIONAL challenge: I'll be looking forward to that first meal after I wake up from the anesthesia later today. I have a feeling that it'll taste amazing. How I wish I could say that I crave my daily time with the Lord with the same zeal. But, instead I tend to let other tasks and diversions come before that critical time to feed my soul. What about you? Are you wilting? Is your soul growling to be fed? What if you mark out 30 minutes today to read the Proverbs for the day, or write in your prayer journal? Because In Matthew 4:4, Jesus said, "Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God."

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