Missed Appointments=Missed Opportunities

7:08 AMChris

True confession time. Here's just one of my nominations for the Mother of the Year Award. A few months ago, I was helping my elementary kids with home work (which often translates to me hovering over them reminding them to get back on task every time they get distracted), and I kept looking at the clock. I wondered why my middle schooler was a bit late getting home from school. My friend does pick-up on Tuesdays and she usually had him home by that time. About ten minutes later, Collin called and asked where I was. He was in the school office, having already called my friend, who told him that I was to do pick-up that day. This did not even sound familiar to me? I called my friend on my way to get Collin, and yes, indeed, she had called me the day before to ask me to grab Collin on her usual Tuesday. Hmmm...no recollection. So, my guy sat at the school for over thirty minutes wondering where his mother was. I couldn't decide which was sadder--Collin feeling forgotten or the fact that I truly HAD forgotten the phone call completely--not just a message, but an actual conversation I had with my friend!

Missed appointments. Ever been there? This seems to be happening more often to me--I completely blank on somewhere I was supposed to be or a commitment I had made. My routine Friday reader volunteer time for my first grader. Or, a birthday party my kids were invited to. GRRR. I hate missing an appointment. I feel off the rest of the day, knowing that I did not keep my word. It makes me feel frazzled.

Yet day after day, I miss an appointment. And, I know that when I do this, I will feel off kilter. I KNOW that I miss an opportunity to start my day well. This falls into that ever broadening category of things I know I should do, but I don't. Because day after day, my Savior waits for me. Day after day, He longs for me to seek Him first thing in the morning. Jesus Himself often got up early in the morning to pray and seek His father. David writes throughout the book of Psalms about how he starts his day with prayer and the reading of the Word. And day after day, I know I SHOULD, but I hit snooze. And, even when I get to it later in the morning, it's not the same.

Yesterday, as I pondered obedience and the need to press in to Him and seek Him with all my heart, I felt a pang of conviction for neglecting this early morning routine lately. I think I even half-heartedly asked the Lord to help me wake up and get my act together. Honestly--that fleeting thought got crowded out by the dinner dishes, bedtime routines, and getting myself to bed. But, God didn't forget. I was having this VERY vivid dream about competing in the Amazing Race. Truly--one of those SO real dreams! You'll be proud to know that as I raced through the final mental challenge, I WON! YES, I WON THE AMAZING RACE! Okay, it was just a dream--but in my dream, I was super excited and plotting the ways I would use my million dollar winnings. Then, I was wide awake. I looked at the clock and saw the time, and I knew that God was beckoning me. It was 6:15. I wish I could say I jumped up, grabbed my Bible and dug in. You might be getting the impression that I can be stubborn and slow to learn. And you'd be right. Because I turned over, and closed my eyes. But, I couldn't shake the thought that those extra thirty minutes would not REALLY make a big difference sleep-wise--but could make a big difference if I kept this appointment.

INTENTIONAL challenge: What does your day planner look like? Do you start your day well, seeking the Lord first thing--keeping first things first? Or, are you like me--you KNOW it's the best way to start your day, but you roll over and hit snooze? Bloggy friends--can we just commit to helping each other keep THIS appointment? Can we encourage each other with the idea that the Creator the Universe is waiting for time with YOU? Can we decide that TODAY (okay, or tomorrow since you're already reading THIS and may have missed reading your Bible this morning)--we won't miss an opportunity to "seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you" (Matthew 6:33)?!

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