About Clinging to the Vine:

Do you need to know you’re not alone in wrestling daily for faith? 

Do you dream of walking boldly on the unforced rhythms of grace, yet feel more like you are stumbling along instead?

I started this blog in 2007, with the intention to share from my life, in all sorts of seasons, as if you and I were lingering over a cup of coffee in honest conversation. 

Here you'll find what I'm learning, in hopes that you'll know you aren't alone. The greatest lessons I've learned are from the trenches of grief and despair, so I often share about struggles and trials. I’ve learned that faith is not a gold star chart and Jesus is not a cartoon character from a children’s book. I've learned that God is exactly who he says he is. And I've learned that the Word of God is more than idle words. It is, indeed, our very life.

Faith is a daily wrestling match, learning to cling to the Vine and to walk on the unforced rhythms of grace.

So, welcome, to all of you. 

Welcome to all who call themselves believers, yet are struggling to believe. Welcome to all who are still sorting out what you believe.

You're welcome here. And I pray you are encouraged by my authentic and transparent writings about my own faith journey.

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About the Author:

Hey there! I'm Heather Enright. I'm an Army Brat and a Preacher's Kid who somehow survived all those stereotypes. I'm married to my college sweetheart (Sic Em Bears!) and our three "babies" are now all taller than I am.  

I get paid for doing other things, but creative pursuits have always been my heartbeat.

I blog here and I write for the Fort Worth Mom's Blog. I've created illustrative books (see Books section). I dream. And then I tend to talk myself out of chasing those dreams. I'm learning to live more fearlessly, bolder and braver as I grasp the BIGNESS of God. 

And, in all that I do, I've learned the refuge of Clinging to the Vine.

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