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I'm a college mom. Now what? Last year, we sent our oldest to college. In hindsight, his senior year brought me something much deeper than the melancholy I would admit to feeling. I really was going through a hard season of sadness. So I became determined to find my way with this new identity, mothering from afar.

This is when Box Club was born. It's a reboot of a monthly craft club for women that I used to co-host with a neighbor. But this time with a twist.

What is Box Club? It's a monthly gathering of college moms to pack care packages for our kids. And their roommates. Or nieces, nephews, cousins, whomever. Last fall, we even did care packages for college kids whose families were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. 

 Our September 2017 box, "One in a Minion"

How does it work? This is the beauty of Box Club, I think. All the moms have to do is show up. The Box Club coordinator does all the planning and shopping, and everything is sorted and ready for each gathering.

For my Box Club community, we have a private Facebook group where I post each month's theme and attempt to get a general headcount of boxes needed. Moms can reserve their supply packs through PayPal. We usually do large USPS flat rate boxes, so the weight does NOT matter (and the boxes are free at the post office! You just pay a flat fee when you ship them). The cost for a supply pack is $20, just to cover expenses. Monthly, we gather and decorate the box flaps, then load up the boxes with goodies, from snacks to school supplies to cleaning supplies to personal care items.

Why do I do this? I've been asked this many times. I started Box Club for three reasons. First, my college years were incredibly hard and this is my way of redeeming these years for my own kids. Second, this is a practical way to love and cheer on our college kids and it gives us a way to mother in this new college season. Third, WHERE else would college moms be building community? We don't see each other at school pick-up or regular sports events or meetings up at the cafeteria. Being a college mom can be lonely, as you are learning to adjust your own life and your whole family life. Box Club is a way to build community with other college moms.

 April 2018, "Orange you glad it's almost summer?"

Keep it going. Start your own! If you're near me in midcities of DFW, then please come join us for a monthly gathering. If you're not-- consider starting your own Box Club community.

My big dream is to see this spread all over. I feel strongly that Box Club is meeting needs on many levels -- for moms and college kids. At last count, there are 9 other Box Club locations around the country that have contacted me about forming a community: Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Central Texas, San Antonio, Houston, and Keller, Texas. I have already planned out the 10 boxes for the 2018 - 2019 school year, and all that you need to get going is available in the downloads below -- from tips and trick, to specific box plans, to the downloads of the titles to go on box lids.

Click on the links below in order to download all the resources you need.

 January 2018 box, "Snow much fun!"

HEY, college kids. NO spoiler alerts! Don't look up what you are going to get!

 May 2018 box for finals and dorm or apartment clean-out

What are you waiting for? This is truly one of my favorite things that I get to be part of, and I think you'll love it too. Let me know how I can help you get your own Box Club going.

March 2018, our Easter box   

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