You CAN Handle the Truth!

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My husband and I are suckers for a good movie line. We consider ourselves to be hysterically funny when we answer our children with a great quote from a movie. It only adds to our amusement when they roll their eyes and look confused. Because, by golly, we ARE famous in our own minds! One of the great movie lines of all time was in the closing scene of A Few Good Men when Tom Cruise's character is questioning Jack Nicholson. Just love that, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

While I am a Beth Moore Bible study girl through and through, I've branched out to another gifted author, Kelly Minter. I did her study of Ruth last summer, and it just hit me between the eyes. So, I was very excited for the chance to do her No Other Gods study at our church this spring. It's as though God is speaking directly at ME through every page. Unpacking the idea of removing idols and false gods and giving God complete reign and priority is brutal--and so completely worthwhile.

It seems every day's homework strikes me to the core. But, the last few days, I've found myself mulling over day 2 of session 3. Kelly talks about the deceit that always accompanies those things in our lives that we allow to take priority over God. She had us look at Genesis 3, where the serpent tempts Eve in the garden. For someone who was on a church roll since pre-birth, I thought yawn--been there, done that.

But, oh my gravy, if Kelly didn't hit something I've never considered. She quotes Michael Wells of Abiding Life Ministries: "Satan will tell us what's true, but he never tells us the truth." My first reaction was, "HUH?!" But, as I dug deeper into that lesson, I got it. For instance, it might be true that money is tight. That is where Satan wants to leave you so that your mind is overcome with your worst fears. We will lose all we own. We will live in a van down by the river. We will become destitute and our children will become beggars. But, see the TRUTH is that God will provide. And, I'd venture to guess that if you've been a follower of Christ for any length of time, you can begin to recount all the times He's proven faithful in other financial crises.

I'm gonna get personal here. For me, it is true that I struggle to stay gentle with my children. And, it's not usually much of a leap before I find myself thinking that I am not a good enough mom, I don't mother like the Super Moms I know, and my children will therefore end up in therapy that will bankrupt them. Or they'll end up serving a life sentence, telling the judge their mother caused their life of crime. (I can lean toward the dramatic). The TRUTH is that I am forgiven, and God has the grace to cover my mistakes. The TRUTH is that my children know how much I love them, and my mistakes don't define ME or my mothering. The TRUTH is that I am not perfect, but I am being sanctified, day by day.

WOW. WOW. WOW. Does that strike a cord in you? Can you think of something that while it may be TRUE--it's not the TRUTH. See, Satan is like Jack Nicholson. He is yelling at us, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" He wants to wrap us up with ideas that are partially true--or even completely true. But, they are not God's truth, nor are they the truth about us. I've applied this with my kids. The other day, one was a little downtrodden because someone called him a dumb head. I looked him in the eye and said, "Now, it is true that so-and-so called you a dumb head. And I know that hurt your feelings. But, really--the TRUTH is that your head isn't dumb at all! You are very smart." Oh, the grief I might spare my children if I can let them learn with me to discern what is true from what is TRUTH.

INTENTIONAL challenge: It might be true that I am the only obsessive warped mind who allows my thoughts to wander to the point of complete defeat. But, just in case that's not the truth, I challenge you to consider the ideas and thoughts that bind you up and start the ball rolling until you are completely convinced of your failings or impending demise. Maybe even write these things down. Then, prayerfully consider what is the TRUTH. When you think, "I have messed up!" Stop and replace that with the TRUTH. "I am NOT a mess up! I am forgiven. I am not my failings." Today is the day, friends. Because you CAN handle the truth!

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