Stand Your Ground. Then Stand. And Stand Firm.

8:30 AMHeather

Frugal Friday--Why I Broke up with CVS

8:08 AMHeather

I Got Your Back

8:16 AMHeather

Victory is in the Surrender

1:00 AMHeather

Art Critic? or Art Lover?

9:10 AMHeather

Frugal Friday--Grocery Gaming, Part Three (PREMIUM Plan)

8:23 AMHeather

You CAN Handle the Truth!

8:44 AMHeather

I Found that Loving Feeling

12:10 AMHeather

Soak in the Moment

8:51 AMHeather

Valentine Gift for YOU

9:27 AMHeather

Frugal Friday--Grocery Gaming, Part Two (Deluxe Plan)

9:19 AMHeather

Snowmaggedon the Sequel--Not as Good as the First

1:00 AMHeather

I Just Wrote to Say I Love You

7:56 AMHeather

This is How We Roll

7:49 AMHeather

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

8:13 AMHeather

Frugal Friday--Grocery Gaming, Part One (Basic Plan)

8:51 AMHeather

Miracle in a Jar

9:01 AMHeather

Are You Contagious?

9:08 AMHeather

I Scream, You Scream, let's ALL scream for SNOW ice cream

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