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Bear with me here. I am under the influence of pain meds, so hopefully this makes sense.

Yesterday was a good mommy day for me. Okay, well, I really didn't have to do much parenting due to the fact I was barely coherent and my husband was P.O.D. (Parent on Duty). BUT, there was one of those moments that keep you going in this parenting journey. You know--the warm fuzzy break-through moment when you think maybe, just maybe, they'll all turn out okay? And, maybe you are making a difference?

As I sat in the living room yesterday, seeing my children off to school, each of them separately came to ask me exactly what time my surgery was. Individually, they did this. And, each of them thought of where they would be at that moment and then said they'd be sure and pray right then for me. It brought me to tears.

I've tried to make it my habit to ask my kids exactly when their big test is, or their presentation, or whatever need they express in the morning. Then, I tell them what I'll be doing at that moment and that I will praying at that time for them.

You know, this mothering gig is hard. We plod through such repetative tasks. Discipline and training is such a long and arduous endeavor. And, I'm entering this coaching phase. My kids are getting old enough that we're entering that reminding them of the rules versus establishing our authority. With our middle schooler, we are beginning to give him some room to spread his wings. I don't know about you, but sometimes in the middle of the monotony, I wonder if what we're doing is sinking in. Is it going in one ear and out the other? Sometimes, I melt into a lengthy prayer asking God to show me if I'm making any headway.

And, God so sweetly will give me one of those warm fuzzy moments. It serves to remind me to just keep on keeping on. To press on, and to stay the course. To trust the Lord for the results and just keep being obedient.

INTENTIONAL challenge: If you are bogged down in the trenches of parenting and you are wondering if your efforts are bringing results, relax and look for those little moments. Ask God to give you a warm fuzzy. And press on. Keep being obedient to do what you think is right. And, bask in the glow of the warm fuzzies when they come.

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