Double Digits Baby!

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Today, my middle child is 10! And one week. Um, yeah, a few things threw me off track from my traditional birthday blog post to honor my darling. So, here we are--officially one week into double digits--but better late than never, I figure. And, lest my Cooper someday lament to his therapist how his mother blogged for his brother but not for him, I thought I ought to go for it, despite the delay.

It's hard to believe that a decade ago my Super Cooper burst onto the scene. Literally. The doctor said he would have been born with or without me, since it hardly even took a push. And, how he entered the world pretty well sums up his approach to life--full on, full speed ahead, full of initiative. Cooper is full of creativity, full of compassion, full of passion, full of ideas, and full of imagination. I think I've finally embraced the fact that I simply cannot stay one step ahead of him, and maybe, just maybe, he can lead me to some amazing insights if I let him. When Cooper was three, he drew a picture of a super hero on a little scrap piece of paper. Then, he flipped the paper over, and with great accuracy, he drew the back side of the cape on the reverse side. Hmmm. When he was five, he told me that God was like the door to life, and Satan was the lock, but Jesus was the key. I marveled at how he remembered what someone had told him--except no one had told him that. He just thought of it. I think many of you can relate to the overwhelming feeling of awe when you look at your children--and you know that they are a workmanship of the Creator of the Universe.

So, on this big double digit occasion, let me address you, my amazing Super Duper Cooper. Cooper, thank you for your patience on this mama who sometimes doesn't understand your perspective or vision but is trying. Thank you for a love so fierce that it overwhelms me! When I became your mom, my mission was to love you unending. I never fathomed the devotion and loyalty that you would show to ME--crying when I cry, desperate to ease my migraine pain when I hurt, and determined to care for ME with such intensity. Thank you for the laughter and joy you bring to our family--for your independence and your leadership. Thank you for being you, for growing and maturing and pushing ever forward to become the person the Lord intended you to be. I've always told you that I know God has big plans for you--and what a privilege to watch you seek those out day by day. May you ever have that song in your soul, that endlessly expression filled face, that drive to dive into life full boar. You are a miracle, a delight, a joy, and an extraordinary young man! Happy birthday, my sweet boy.

INTENTIONAL challenge: Celebrate with others, and never miss the opportunity to express your feelings to them. Mark the milestones and stop and consider the places where God has brought you.

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