Spring Break

8:36 AMHeather

I feel sure that all both of you were battling insomnia last night what with the wondering where my Monday blog post was? And, I know you have obsessively checked the blog this morning wondering if a new post was up here?

You can stop your wondering. Here you go. This blog post is here to inform you that there are no new thoughtful and brilliant blog posts for you. I'll blame it on Spring Break, or the fact that I'm feeling a Granny over here. Just ask my poor friends who have graciously given up part of their Spring Break only to find themselves engaged in long frequent conversations about my new medications, my recent outpatient procedure, or new migraine prevention treatments that seem to be causing an assortment of frustrating symptoms.

Since I don't think this is the stuff of enlightening blog posts, I'll just say, move along, my bloggy friends. Nothing to see here. But, check back frequently. Ya never know. Granny might have something worth posting any day now.

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