Frugal Friday--Everythings a Buck, Buck, Buck

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100 pennies. 10 dimes. 20 nickels. Now, that's a price I can embrace! I love me some dollar store. But, I have to admit how spoiled I am living here in the metroplex. Because I've become a dollar store snob. I don't like those stores with the word dollar in their name, but some items cost $5 or $10. What? Nope. Not cutting it for me. I love, love, love the D.ollar T.ree. And, the dollar spot at T.arget.

In my bargains for a buck adventures, I have some favorites that warrant a trip ALL the way to the dollar store a whopping one mile away. Birthday cards and birthday gift wrap for sure are worth it. I can stock up on cards, TWO for a dollar. I love to keep all kinds of cards handy because I love any reason to celebrate. And, it's great to have a stash of "thinking of you" cards to send to the great-grandmas or a friend going through a rough spot. I've also begun to keep a stash of generic wrapping paper that I can use for boys or girls birthday parties. Tissue paper comes in a big packages there, and is another great score.

Anytime I'm throwing a party or helping host a shower, I love to grab my paper products there. Not so much variety when it comes to printed plates or napkins. But, I have a trick for that. I purchase solid color plates, cups, and plastic forks there. Then, I run into a party goods store and choose some adorable printed napkins to spice it up. I've also found the dollar store to be a great place to purchase items for birthday party goodie bags, stocking stuffers, Valentine scavenger hunt treasures, and Easter baskets.

You may not think of the dollar store as a crafters dream, but they actually have some great items that can be repurposed. To my great delight, I stumbled on this website sometime last year, and boy, is it fun! Or, how about this one? Gotta love getting your craft on for just a dollar!

Office supplies are yet another good score at the dollar store, but their inventory is ever changing. So when I see them, I grab all variety of labels, envelopes, and yes, even photo paper. The other items I grab when they are there are kitchen towels and rags. I don't know if its remedial housekeeping skills or what, but I seem to sour my kitchen towels and dish rags like no body's business. But, when I pay a dollar, it's no big deal to trash them as soon as that funky smell sets in.

And, last but not least, my newest discovery at the dollar store is cleaning supplies. Now, you guys know how I love to coupon, but very rarely can I score a bargain on cleaning supplies that costs less than a dollar! Unless you make the cleaners yourself, which is a whole other blog post waiting to be written. (not that I've actually done that yet--but I have the recipes!). I get my generic S.wiffer dust wipes, glass cleaner, furniture polish, and just about any other variety of cleaning supplies at the dollar store. This comes with a freedom to clear space in my coupon organizer where I used to store cleaning supply coupons!

INTENTIONAL challenge: While it certainly true that the best things in life are free, I don't mind paying a dollar for many items our family uses. In my quest for bargain shopping, I have come back full circle to realize that the dollar store is a great place to stock up on all kinds of items. Now, I avoid certain things there like batteries and food items, but sunglasses? For sure! There was a great article on my yahoo page this week about the best items to purchase at a dollar store, but I can't seem to find the link right now. You may have your favorites as well. If not, take a $10 bill and spend an hour in your nearest dollar store. I think you'll find your new favorite location for certain items you use regularly!

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