God Shows Up..in the Nick of Time

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I may have mentioned it here a time or two...and you may be tired of hearing it.  But, I'm in a season of waiting.  (Although, the thought has occurred to me that nearly every season of life includes waiting.  Aren't we ALL waiting for something?)  So, I was sorta having a little come to Jesus meeting the other morning.  And, I mean that literally.  I was coming to Jesus, meeting with him about all this dadgum waiting.  Essentially, I was kinda giving him the what for about how I feel about waiting.  Letting him know that any time now is good.  Any moment.  Any secondI'm good for that big answer I'm looking for.  Bring it on, God.  Please.  Pretty please?  With a cherry on top?

And, as I wrestled it through, here are the thoughts I wrote in my prayer journal.  Read on.  Be encouraged.  If you are also feeling frustrated, thinking God may or may not show up--just in the nick of time.

Dear One,
Where does your help come from?  Look to the hills--your help comes from the Lord--the maker of heaven and earth.  I give victory, I shield, I guard, I protect, I provide (Proverbs 2).  I will not let your foot slip.  I watch over you--I do not slumber.  I am not asleep on the job.  I am your shade when the sun beats down.  No harm will come.  I watch over your coming and going (Psalm 121).  I provide.  

The ram for sacrifice. At the moment it's needed.  Not before.  Not ahead of time.  Just ask Abraham and Isaac.  This is My way--to build dependence and faith.  I provide in the moment of need.  That is My way--not necessarily way ahead of time.  I provided dry land for Noah.  In due time.  Manna for each day--not a safety net of store houses.  I provided victory over Goliath--at the climatic moment--when David stepped out in faith.  I provided victory over Jericho, a way out of the fiery furnace, a safety from the den of lions, food from gleaning the fields for Ruth, salvation for the Israelites through Esther, freedom and salvation from Egypt, a Savior to pay your ransom.  

I am the God who provides.  In the nick of time--at the crisis point--when necessary--I show up big time.  You might say I like to call it close?  I say I like to stretch your faith.  And I am dependable.  I am absolute.  I am faithful and just and true.  Sit back and wait for the salvation of the Lord.  The time is coming.  The day is drawing near.  So don't lose hope.  Don't quit now.  Don't quit giving while you are waiting for provision.  Remember--you can't outgive me.  A generous person will himself be refreshed.  Trust.  In Me as your safety net and provider.  Because the time is coming.

So, you can see how my come to Jesus meeting went.  He reminded me that while I see it as God showing up JUST in the nick of time, a Heavenly clock shows that actually, God shows up exactly right on time.

Darn.  If only God could be like my new friend--the voice over on my Couch to 5K app.  She so politely tells us when it's time to walk and when it's time to run.  She announces when we are half way, and she even announces when we just have a minute left.

God--could you please be like her?  Just tell me on this path when I need to run and when I need to walk.  Couldn't you please announce to me when I'm halfway through my waiting?  I could endure it so much better if I just had some kind of gauge about how much longer I have to go.  

But, there's this little matter of faith.  Of building my confidence and trust in my loving Father and resting in His perfect timing, even when it doesn't match up with mine.  I was reminded last week that many people in the Bible seem to have stories of God showing up for them, "in the nick of time."  

Yet, I'm guessing that in hindsight, they saw God's hand in it all.  Their stories are deeper and more meaningful and special and amazing because they had to learn to trust that God always shows up exactly when He is supposed to do so.  No matter how close the call seems to us--it's just right to Him.  He is a super hero with impeccable timing.  He is the one whose help we can always expect.

Lord, help me to trust your timing.  Help me to lay aside my whining and wishing and pacing.  Help my unbelief as I wait...for Your perfect response and timing to our pleas.          

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