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If you read my blog last week, you are quite aware of my love for Valentine's Day. Now, yes, I happen to be married to the best husband in the world. But, truly, I love Valentine's Day because I love the idea of thinking about how we as believers express our love to each other. I love the idea of remembering how God loves us. I love the challenge to be known by our love as followers of Christ. I love how God kept bringing the great-grandmothers to mind last week, leading up to Valentine's Day--or some sweet and precious friends who serve the Lord so faithfully, while longing for the husband they thought would have come by now.

And, I had this idea do a blog post giving a shout-out to those of you who have made me feel loved over the years. I've been so blessed by amazing friends and family, so it's hard to really narrow it down. (Please forgive me if I've had a lapse in memory). But, here are some top moments!

1. The time my new boyfriend slept on the floor of my hospital room for 4 nights while I ran 105 fever and had the most horrible stomach bug EVER. Wasn't pretty, folks. I knew then that he loved me truly--so I married him!

2. The time when some sweet friends (Amy B, Holly and Tim, and Carolyn Sue) sat in the emergency room with me in the middle of the night when we thought my husband was having a heart attack. Not to mention poor Beth who was on the scene before me, had to call the ambulance, and stayed with our kids till the wee hours. Or Uncle John who drove at 3 am from Fort Worth to take over kid duty. During the hospital stay, Beth and Steve took my boys and Tim and Tara took my daughter. Countless others brought meals, sat with us, prayed for us, and supported us. THAT is the body of Christ at work.

3. The time when my friend Terri came to sit with me during a migraine--without being asked, but simply insisting that she come to help. And my sweet friend Lauren offered to do the same next time it's needed. I don't ask for help well, and these girls know that. That's why they will just do it.

4. The many, many, MANY times Nicki has been my prayer warrior. She's my P.A.M. friend. That means my Prison Avoidance Ministry friend that I call on lest I do something that might put me in jail. She knows all the good, the bad, and the ugly--and she's STILL my friend?!

5. The time a few weeks ago when my oldest came to find me in the house just to say he loves me. Or the time my middle child nearly refused to leave with Pete and Sherry who were coming to keep them during a migraine. He didn't want me to be in pain all alone. Or how about the time my youngest, nearly asleep, fluttered her eyes open to whisper, "You're the most awesome mommy ever, Mom! I love you the most." Ah, the love of my children!

6. The times when my sister came to help me with my new babies--teaching me important things like the fact babies cry for no good reason or how to use a breast pump. Or going back to childhood, the times she let me climb into bed with her in the middle of the night when I was afraid. Or the times she took me shopping for prom dresses and fixed my hair up all pretty.

7. The times--or shall I say hours--that my aunt and uncle have listened to my pain, hardships, confusion and frustration. They have cried with me, encouraged me, given counsel to me, approved my potential husband, prayed with me, and stood with me. And their kids do the same. They have been my "home" in years past when I didn't feel I had one. And, I literally get home sick for them. They speak blessings into my life every time we are together.

8. The time when I yelled at God for a good long time about why he let my dad die. When I was done, I felt peaceful finally. I felt him whisper to my heart that he was glad I was finally being honest because he knew it all along anyway. He reassured me that he could handle my anger, and since I'd finally laid it all on the table, we could begin to make some progress. During that dark time, I learned the depth of what it is to have an Abba Father.

INTENTIONAL challenge: There's about a jillion more times I've felt the love of in-laws who embraced me as their own, or my friend who calls regularly to check in on me, or my friend who handles carpool for me, or a friend who is my stylist (thanks Megan R!). As a kid, that song, "nobody loves me, everybody hates me, think I'll eat some worms" really resonated with me. I was teased mercilessly for a speech impediment. And, if I'm not careful, I can fall into that same pity party. Satan is the accuser, after all. But, how important it is to stop and consider the truth of the love I've been shown. Take a minute to think. When have you really felt loved? Do you need to let someone know the difference their kindness made?

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