I Just Wrote to Say I Love You

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I bet you could hardly sleep last night--what with the excitement and anticipation of the craft lifting ideas I mentioned yesterday. Either that--or it was the anticipation of another round of ice and freezing temperatures. Personally, I am happy to have my kids home with me but am really disappointed with an obvious lack of white fluffy stuff to play in today.

Y'all might remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about the great grandmothers in our lives? Since all three great-grandmas live alone, I thought Valentine's Day was a perfect opportunity to be sure they feel our love. Back at Christmas time, I saw this darling advent idea on Blue Cricket Design.

I love this for a Christmas advent, but it also screamed Valentine Love Notes to me. So, I ordered library card envelopes from Christianbook.com, and got to work. I cut Valentine themed scrapbook paper to the right size, and inked the edges, just as shown above. I hole punched the envelopes and slipped the envelopes onto a ring clip. I added some ribbon on the clip, printed up a little message, and we all got to work on our notes. Each family member wrote a little note or colored a picture for the great-grandma so that her envelopes were filled with our love. What do you think?

Because I'm married to the most amazing man in the world, he even ran to the post office last night to get these mailed before Snowmaggedon, the Sequel. If you are dying to do these yourself, I have a great opportunity for you. My crafty friend Rebekah will be helping the MOPS moms at Church at the Cross complete this project at the upcoming February meeting. I just love her project sample.

INTENTIONAL challenge: You don't have to get your craft on to compose a note or e-mail expressing your love and adoration. But with today's weather, it might be the perfect opportunity to gather your children along with some paper, glue sticks, and stickers and put together a little something for the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and various and assorted loved ones. Practice cutting those hearts where you fold the paper, or create something on your computer. Who in your life could stand to hear how and why you love them?

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