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Y'all know how I love me some traditions and celebrations. Christmas, Easter, birthdays and half-birthdays even. But, I think one of my most favorite reasons to celebrate is Valentine's Day. My love for Valentine's has grown over time. When I was younger, I was not a fan--especially in high school. No fun to be a girl who didn't get flowers or even one of those school-sold Valentine-grams. Or my senior year when my boyfriend broke up with me--weeks after my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and weeks before Valentines.

But, I've come to embrace Valentine's because of a new found respect for the holiday. John 13:35 says that we will be known as Christ's disciples by our love. Love. It's what motivated God to send his son to save us. Love. It's what sums up Christ's ministry on earth. Love. It's the message and hope of the gospel. Not a greeting card holiday or even stuff of some unrealistic expectation set by Hollywood. But love for those in your life who surround and support you. Love as the call for what should define us as set apart.

In February 2009 I unveiled my Valentine's plan for my family. For the record--please forgive the John and Kate plus 8 reference there...who knew the train wreck that would become. Anyhoo, this week I will sharing this year's Valentine plan with you. Maybe you'll find something you can steal and implement yourself.

I'll start with my Valentine chair baskets because they have become quite the conversation starter in my home.
This is what I ended up making when I couldn't find chair backs that I liked. I bought baskets at Hobby Lobby (50% off, of course!). I bought iron-on letters and did my children's names on the black fabric before I covered the baskets in the fabric--using hot glue. I created a flap for the top of the basket by folding back the edges and using fabric glue. I stuck it onto the basket with some creative hot glue inside the basket. Then I hot glued black satin ribbon on the back of the basket so it could be tied to the chair. The little Valentine decor is just stick on fabric stickers. I originally planned to switch out the decor for various holidays. But, what happened is that my children LOVED their baskets so much that they wanted to just leave them on all the time minus decor. These baskets have become the PERFECT little hiding spot for those tiny treasures my darlings leave lying around.

INTENTIONAL challenge: I have the best husband in the world, and reason enough to celebrate the romantic meaning behind Valentine's Day. But, Valentine's Day is so much more than that. You don't have to be super crafty or craft lift (although if you want to, you might check out this website for some ideas--just search Valentine round-ups). You can do something as simple as write a letter to your parents or grandparents telling them what you love about them. What steps will you take to express love for those in your life this Valentine's Day?

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