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8:51 AMHeather

Mom = Multitasker. There's an understatement for you. Women in general--moms or not--are multitaskers. I am the queen of it. Before I was married, I used to watch every Dallas Cowboy game with my grandparents. I'd drive over on Sundays, and bring my cross stitch or needlework to do while watching the game. (I know! My wild single days....) I just could not sit still without keeping my hands busy.

Friday afternoon, I had planned a fun time of helping my girl get ready for her first Daddy-Daughter dance. It was all she could talk about for DAYS. She was so excited! So, I had decided to really make an afternoon of it. My boys were content to amuse themselves elsewhere--far, far away from the nail polish and hair spray. After school, she raced in the house and came to "Heather's House of Beauty"--AKA, the master bathroom. I drew a bubble bath for her, pulling her hair up in a clip to keep it from getting wet. After the bath, I wrapped her up in her pink zebra robe and we set to work choosing nail polish colors for her toes and fingers.

As usual, my mind was a million places at once. I was contemplating my evening with my boys, what to cook for dinner, my task list, the next's days activities, and about a jillion other unrelated topics. Suddenly, I looked up at my girlie girl, and remembered something. Once upon a time, I didn't think I'd ever have her.

I was quite the prissy little girl myself, and in all my girlhood pretending of playing Mommy, I had a baby girl. Fast forward many years to adulthood. After a miscarriage, then a year long wait, we were pregnant again at last. But, we were told the pregnancy wasn't viable. Collin proved them wrong. Same story second verse with pregnancy #3--non-viable pregnancy proved wrong by Cooper, our second child.

At that point, we wrestled with whether or not our family was complete. And, I wrestled with God about my lifelong expectation to have a little girl to love. Hear me clearly. I have always adored my boys, and nothing beats having sons. There was just this little part of me I had to surrender. After much prayer, I told one of my best friends that I felt sure God was saying we were done. And, I was surrendered to Him on that. I could be content, and know that my desire for a "daughter" would someday be fulfilled through my daughters-in-law--and maybe even granddaughters.

Two weeks later, I had to call my friend back and ask her to sit down. Biggest surprise of my life--we were pregnant! The Lord was showing us unmerited favor, so we chose a name that means grace. All of the memories and emotions of that history came flooding at me as I painted my little girl's toe nails last Friday. So, I decided to soak in the moment and shut off all other thoughts. This was OUR time, and I would embrace it and experience it completely. We giggled and talked and talked. And in my mind's eye, I took mental note of it all. I looked around at her face and her dress hanging up. I soaked in the smell of the hair spray, and listened intently to her chatter. I silently thanked God for this treasure, and for building my family as HE saw fit.

INTENTIONAL challenge: It is so easy to be caught up with the tasks and demands of each day, bustling about from one activity to the next. But sometimes, we just need to clear our mind and determine to sit there in that moment, letting it unravel and treasuring it completely. We need to put our agenda aside and commit ourselves to the conversation at hand. Taking time to lie down with my kids at bedtime and talk and pray can bring some enlightening conversation. Or turning off the radio as we drive in order to talk. How about setting aside enough time to linger over a family dinner? What will you do today to live in the moment?

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