Snowmaggedon the Sequel--Not as Good as the First

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Like most sequels, Snowmaggedon Round 2 just couldn't compare to the original. Last week found us locked in with conditions beyond what was expected--topped off by more snow than anticipated. Yesterday? Not so much. But, I will give Ice-a-palooza Deuce some credit for giving me the desired time to tackle my next Valentine craft lifting ideas.

Over a year ago, I saw a really cute idea of making heart shaped lollipops from leftover candy canes. It was too late in the game for me to score said candy canes, so I tucked the idea away for Valentine 2011. During my Christmas shopping, I bought candy canes just for this project at the dollar store. Yesterday was the day! First, I'll start with the end result.
Pretty cute. My darlings like the two toned look best, but I'm not sure how much of a hit peppermint and blueberry mixed together will be? Okay, so you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have the facts of life. I must say that candy canes, children and mothers were harmed in the making of these candy hearts. The trouble began when we gathered with great joy to begin--and couldn't get the individual candy canes out of their tight shrink wrap. That's where several candy canes were broken. The children quickly lost interest, and I spent the next hour CAUTIOUSLY unwrapping all 48 candy canes and burning my fingers to "gently" squeeze the melted and HOT candy canes around the lollipop sticks after I pulled them from the oven.

Thankfully, I had another couple of tricks up my sleeve. And, this one, I'm happy to report, went off better than expected. I redeemed myself as a cool mom trying to make a fun craft with my kidlets for their classmates and teachers. We made hand dipped heart shaped marshmallow pops and fortune cookies in white chocolate and sprinkles.
See? This project WAS fun, and even brought a smile to their sweet faces! In fact, they decided to NOT give out any of the candy cane heart pops AND they decided to make up a plate of the marshmallow pops for our pastor and his wife in order to wish them a Happy Valentine's Day.
As usual, I forgot ONE little thing at the craft store. (Curse you, Hobby Lobby! Why do you draw me in so frequently?!). When I grab those clear little treat bags, we'll wrap the pops, tie them with ribbon, and add a little label for each classmate.

And (drum roll)'s the end result of the fortune cookie treats for the teachers.
The names have been photo shopped out to protect the innocent. I wish I could take credit for that darling fortune cookie idea, and I'd love to give a shout out to the blogger who originally posted it. But, I cannot find the link again? Story of my life--it was just here somewhere?!

INTENTIONAL challenge: Try something new with your little lovelies. It might--or might not--work. But, memories will be made either way! And it does NOT have to be complicated. We melted the candy melts in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes, then dipped our cookies and marshmallows in them and then dipped them in a bowl of sprinkles. Easy breezy lemon squeezy. Great little Valentine for your husband, child's teacher, pastor--or yourself! Think of some idea you've been wanting to try. Why not give it a shot? No time like the present.

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