Valentine Gift for YOU

9:27 AMHeather

Here it is. Since I can't make each of you a heart-shaped chocolate chip pancake, or have each of you participate in our family Scavenger Hunt later today, I made you this. Because I love you!

[this is where the awesome video I created for you SHOULD be--if blogger and YouTube were cooperating with my limited technical skills. My technical support is busy with his full time gig. SO, you have two choices...(A) wait till later OR (B) go to my FB wall if we are FB friends. SO sorry! Trust me--it was made with love just for you, my bloggy friends!]

INTENTIONAL challenge: Take at least five minutes today to sit in a quiet place. Ask the Lord to sing a new song over you--to remind you of His love for you. You may wish to journal the thoughts He places in your heart about your worth to Him. Ask Him to give you eyes to see the love notes He gives you today, all day long--like the bird singing, or the clear blue skies, or the phone call from a friend just when you needed it. Remember--YOU ARE BEING LOVED!

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