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I've been walking around the house this morning singing Stephen Curtis Chapman's All About Love. When my middle child commented on the end of football season, I joyfully teased him about another upcoming season. "Spring?" he said. "NOPE! VALENTINE SEASON!" My crazy dancing moves evoked the famous child eye-rolling. But, I don't care! This is how we roll around here. Valentine's Day is something to be celebrated, anticipated and enjoyed. Yesterday I got the unexpected privilege of running errands with one of my besties when she came into town, and I'm happy to report that my Valentine supplies are purchased and ready. (Teaser: The next two days I'll share some Valentine gift ideas that I craft-lifted.)

Here's the low down on how Valentine's Day is celebrated in our home. The kids wake up to heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes and little treats and a love note in their chair back baskets.

I've done some variations of Valentine's in years past. One year, we kept a "Love is" chart based on 1 Corinthians 13. The children each got a heart sticker when they got caught exhibiting that love characteristic. (I wonder where I put that chart?) Another year we went to visit their great-grandmother in ICU, spreading our love. I've made heart shaped meatloaf for dinner and heart shaped sandwiches for lunch. And, at every turn, we talk about the importance of being known by our love.

Whatever twists and variations we take each year, two activities are mainstays from one year to the next. After dinner, Chris and I set up a Scavenger Hunt around the house. At the end, the kids will find a basket (with heart shaped holes, of course) with some dollar store goodies for them. They have to work as a team to read the clues and solve them.
Lastly, we end our day doing our annual "What I love" notes for each other. I take 12" x 12" scrapbook paper, one per family member. We pass these around and write on each other's papers what we love about that person. These get framed and hung on our stairwell, reminding us of our love for each other throughout the year.
Lest you think it's all warm and fuzzy over here at my house, I smile every time I pass the note with this comment: "I love how you like to play on your iPod." I asked the author if there was ANYTHING else they loved about their sibling. The response was, "No." Can't blame a mom for trying! Sometimes sibling rivalry gets the best of us.

INTENTIONAL challenge: There's a million good intentions that I never pursue in my mothering. I read a TON of good ideas all over the place and fall short constantly. But, I have determined to claim Valentine's Day for the truth about love rather than some romantic expectation that will rarely be fulfilled. So, I set aside a little time to make it happen. You don't have to go all out. You may hate all my suggestions, in fact. And that's okay. Your action plan may be just to purchase a flower and write a note for a widow or single lady, reminding them how precious they are to the Lord. Or maybe you could bake some cookies and drop them to the local firemen, telling them you love how they serve your community. What intentional (and simple) steps can you take to celebrate the people in your life and have fun next Monday?

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