Make it Monday: Chalkboard Signs, Create Christmas Project #4

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If y'all could peer inside my garage you would either be mortified by the small craft store I seem to be operating, based on all those boxes, and you'd consider me a demented hoarder.  Or, you'd be totally excited to realize that all those boxes hold the supplies for all the amazing Christmas gifts you intend to make at Create Christmas on November 17th.  Yes, friends.  November 17th from 9 am until 4 pm at Church at the Cross in Grapevine.  Less than two weeks!  So, time for you to make those lists of who's been naughty and who's been nice, and which gifts you plan to make for all your beloveds, teachers, friends, and neighbors.  

As we wind down our countdown, today, I'm giving you the instructions for Create Christmas project #4.  Chalkboard signs!  

Craft lifted, once again, from Pinterest.  Now, I originally called these chalkboard platters.  And, they still are, technically.  But, I felt the need to explain that the platters I found at the Dollar Tree are a bit smaller in size, and in their cute little "fun size" (round ones are 9" diameter)--I felt chalkboard signs is a more appropriate name.  These will be super cute on the door to your kids' room, to tuck into a season wreath for your front door (you can change up the greeting), or to announce your menu selection in your kitchen.  So many uses!  And so easy to make.

Dollar Tree "platters"--they're nickel & have a pretty edge: any platter will do  
Chalkboard paint--quart size, Lowe's
Foam brush or small brush
Hot glue gun

1.  OPTIONAL: tape off the edge of your platter with painter's tape.  I, however just went for it!  

2.  Paint the inside of the platter with chalkboard paint.  Let it dry, and then do a second coat.  I prefer my "cross hatch" approach.  First layer painted horizontal, second layer vertical.  Gives it more of a linen look when dried, but not necessary!

3.  Once the second coat is try, cut off a length of ribbon to make a bow.  Hot glue this to the top of the platter.  IF you want to hang your sign, you can then cut a second length of ribbon.  Hot glue this to the back of the sign in an inverted "V" so that you can hang your sign.

4.  Be sure and "season" your chalkboard.  Rub chalk all over it and then wipe it off.  This prepares the surface for use.

5.  HAVE FUN with it!  These make great little gifts for all sorts of people in your life.

I hope you've been following all four of our Create Christmas projects thus far.  And if so, then you have caught on to the simple beauty that this year's event will bring you.  SIMPLE crafts.  AFFORDABLE crafts.  And lots of fun to be had as you craft with others.  Join us!  Otherwise, I'll have this garage full of left over supplies that I'll have to convert into some bootleg craft store, and this Mama would much rather see every bit of supplies become affordable Christmas gifts.  Not to mention my husband who would rather not lug all those boxes back to our house after November 17th.  Happy crafting, bloggy friends!       

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