Christianity.. in it's Purest Form

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In this journey of life, I feel myself on the precipice.  I'm on the edge of something greater, something of great magnitude.  Something awe inspiring and life changing.  I can smell it's grandeur, but see only a fog.  It's blurry still, yet I can see the outlines through the mist and I know that it is something big.  Like an animal who senses a great storm or earthquake, I am restless and out of sorts.  Because deep in my spirit, I know that something huge is coming in my life, in my faith walk.  And it has already begun to hint at changing me forever, for the good of the One whom I serve.  I can't quite articulate it.  There are no words for the revelations that I feel are coming.  

Until now.

Until this morning, when I finally obeyed a prompting to dive into God Came Near by Max Lucado as my Bible study material during this Christmas season.

And there, on the first page in the first sentence, I read the words to exactly summarize this evolution in my spiritual life.

"Christianity in its purest form,
is nothing more than seeing Jesus.
Christian service, in its purest form,
is nothing more than imitating him who we see.
To see His majesty and to imitate Him,
that is the sum of Christianity."

This growing sense of restlessness within me is not about wanting something more, as I have long imagined.  No, its more about realizing the value of something less.  Its more about simplifying my walk with Christ to its most basic, most meaningful discipline in order to find the abundance that most often alludes me.

Christianity is not following man's traditions and rules.
Christianity is about marveling at the goodness of Jesus and being changed.

Christianity is not about some pious, self-righteous attitude.
Christianity is about extending the love of Christ to ALL, everyone.

Christianity is not about sitting faithfully in a pew every Sunday.
Christianity is about taking Him daily to all we meet.

Christianity is not about buildings or programs.
Christianity is about being Jesus' hands and feet reaching the world.

Christianity is not about some 3 step magical prayer.
Christianity is about daily seeking to know Him and love Him more.

Christianity should not be exclusive, for a select few.
Christ was inclusive of all he met, wanting all to know Him.

Christianity may not be some incredible moment of being saved.
Christianity may be a journey of learning to follow Him, drawing near.

Christianity is not some stained glass, everything is perfect life.
Christianity is clinging to Him in the messy trenches of life.

Christianity is not some "we are better than you" mentality.
Christianity is being broken by how much His grace covers in you.

Christianity is not an elite service and gold star program.
Christianity is having your heart broken for what breaks His.

Pure Christianity is caring for the widows and orphans (James 1:27). 

Pure Christianity is befriending those outside your regular circle, showing them love and not judgment.  

Pure Christianity visits the prisoners, rescues those in human trafficking, feeds the hungry, cares for the poverty-stricken, looks beyond your first world problems, and finds value in realizing how similar we all are--regardless of race, social status, income, or circumstance.

Pure Christianity knows and lives out that Christ died for ALL mankind.  That God so loved ALL the world.  That our every word and deed can be the message of grace to those we encounter.  That this is our temporary home. Being humbled with the idea of casting the crowns we earn at the feet of the One we adore.   That no matter what we do for a living or how we spend our days, we have a ministry to serve Him with all our heart in all we do to spread His fame.  Because He matters more than our own glory.  Because He loved us first, we love him back by loving others.   Because we have a growing thirst and hunger for Him.  Because we have been forever changed by the Eternal One.

That is pure Christianity.  I want to dive in completely.  I want to cast off the old traditions and rules and legalism and misunderstandings, and I want to swim in the depths of His grace.  I want to see Jesus.  Like never before.  Give me eyes to see!  Let my life be changed.  And let me be a life changer for others.

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