Make it Monday: Dry Erase Signs, Create Christmas project #5

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Oh, I'm getting giddy with anticipation.  Create Christmas is ALMOST here!  In fact, my dear friends Holly, Dawn and Tamera came today to finish prep and staging the supplies.  Just 5 days away.  Just 5 more days to make your gift lists, invite your friends, and grab your cash or checkbook along with a snack or drink to share.  Because come Saturday--we are going to GET OUR CRAFT ON!  

And, I have some very, very good news.  I've crunched my numbers and done my tallies.  And here's the thing.  For $5, you can make a set of 4 coasters--or your $5 gets you TWO of any of the crafts.  Yes, bloggy friends.  TWO.  So, for $10, you can knock out 4 gifts.  For $20, you can knock out 8 gifts.  Really.  WHERE on earth can you just show up to have all supplies and instructions provided for you to handmake some amazing Christmas gifts?!  Where, I ask you?  WHERE?  

Now that you are so super stoked, let me show you the fifth and final project for CREATE Christmas.

Now, I know many of you have seen this on Pinterest.  Because I chose this project after seeing it pinned repeatedly.  I knew it was a popular one!  Well, it's so super simple to make these dry erase signs.   Here's how.

1.   Print out an "I love you because..." on 8.5" x 11" scrapbook paper.  Choose light colored papers that aren't too busy so that your notes can be easily read.  For variety--you can do what I'll be doing at CREATE Christmas.  Try out one of these sign ideas:
             --"Verse for the Day"
             --"Our Menu"
             --"To Do's"
             --"I'm Thankful for..."  

2.    Insert your page into an 8.5”x11” document frame.  You could also use an 8" x 10" frame and cut your paper down to size.

3.   Take a strip of fabric per flower you will want, and grab some hot glue.

4.   Tie a knot at the end of the strip.  Twist the fabric, and begin wrapping it around the knot, hot gluing it every so often.  Continue all the way around the knot in order to form your flower.

5.   Optional:  Hot glue a rhinestone in the center of your flowers.

6.   Hot glue your flowers to your sign, however you want them.

7.   You can use ribbon to hot glue an inverted “V” to the top back of the sign to hang it by.  OR, buy a small easel to place your frame on.

8.   Your sign is a dry erase board.  Use a dry erase marker and it will wipe right off the glass.

Yes, folks.  That is it.  Easy breezy lemon squeezy.  I'm telling you--I can craft lift with the best of them to give you projects you won't want to miss!  In today's economy, I have these crafty solutions for economical and meaningful gifts.  I REALLY hope to see you on SATURDAY at Church at the Cross in Grapevine.  Happy Crafting!

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