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Well, my blog post yesterday seems to have hit a nerve.  Big time.  If you haven't read it, take a look here.  I was inspired to write it because I remember how I would DESPERATELY crave some sorta of accolade as a young mom.  In fact, I still do.  I just want someone to tell me--hey--you are not an epic failure as a mom!  Way to go!  I wanted a cheer leader.  I want a little pat on the back every now and then.  Goodness knows, I don't get it often from the kids. They never notice their clean, folded laundry.  But, should they want to wear the shirt in the ONE load of laundry that didn't get done?  BOY, do I hear about THAT.  It's a far fetched dream that those 3 children would turn to me and say, "Gee, Mom.  You're doing an amazing job as my mom and I really appreciate it."  Perhaps that's why Proverbs 31:28 so speaks to me.  Oh, that someday my grown children would indeed "rise and call me blessed!"

I realized something yesterday, as I heard from many of you just how much you needed a little reminder that you are on track in your mothering.  At the heart of it all, don't we all need a cheer leader?

A very dear friend of mine had the heart rendering experience of not making the cheer leading squad as a teenager.   It was a devastating disappointment in her young teen girl life.  But, you want to know the truth about her?  She is one of the most wonderful, most natural cheer leaders in the world.  Truly.  She never needed the cute skirt and megaphone with her name on it to prove what a cheer leader she is.  She's an amazing friend who literally says, "FIRE UP!" at the first sign of good news.  She is so in your corner that you walk away feeling affirmed with a smile on your face just by spending time with her.

And, that is what we all need.  I don't care how old you are.  Man or woman.  Boy or girl.  You need a cheer leader.   Maybe not the choreographed dance routine and a Texas Toe Touch.  But, you need someone to remind you that you got what it takes, you can do it, you got this.  

Which leads me to my three main points today.  (Why, yes, my father was a Baptist minister.  Therefore, I shall try to have a 3 point sermon with each point starting with the same letter.  Gotta do right by my dad).

1.  Surround yourself with cheer leaders.  Be intentional in your social circles and even at work to surround yourself with those who are an encouragement.  Those who uplift you and affirm you and root for you.  Invest in those relationships where you often hear words that build you up.  Put THOSE people on your speed dial.  And, call them often.  If you know someone like this but you aren't that close to them...  get to know them.  Build rapport.  Spend time together.  And form a bond there.  Hand-in-hand with this advice is to limit your interaction with those who tear you down.  Yes, I said it.  Unless you feel God calling you to pour yourself out in a ministry to someone who drains you dry.  Otherwise, build some fences.  Set some perimeters.  You don't have to cut them off.  But, when you are having a tough day--you don't have to call on them.  And, you don't have to spend the majority of your free time with them.  Even if they are family.  You can be careful to limit yourself emotionally in those relationships and be sure to increase your time with your cheer leaders.

2.  Strive to be a cheer leader.  C'mon, folks.  Live like you're trying to earn the Spirit stick.  Lest you think there's no Scriptural reference for being a cheer leader, let me prove you wrong.

Do not let any unwholesome talk 
come out of your mouths, but only what 
is helpful for building others up 
according to their needs, that it may 
benefit those who listen. 
Ephesians 4:29

Can you imagine if we really all made that our goal?  To let our mouths speak only what is helpful to building others up according to their needs?  That means you have to be sensitive to the needs of others.  Aware of them.  And you have to have some major self-control.  Honestly, I think it's worth it.  Think about how great it feels when you know you've said JUST what that person needed to hear.  Take the time to stop and note a job well done.  By your kids.  By your husband.  By your co-workers.  By your fellow stay-at-home moms.  These days, that might mean stopping on picture #58 of the day of that clever Elf on a Shelf on your Facebook newsfeed and letting that mom know you applaud her intentionality to build special memories for her children.  You see someone struggling?  Let them know they got this.  Text them an encouraging verse.  Pick up the phone for a quick, "You can do it!"  Write a little note for your man on his vanity mirror with dry erase marker.  Make that "I love you because" dry erase sign I had on my Make-it Monday a few weeks ago.  It'll force you to be a cheer leader--being specific with your encouragement.

3.  See who your biggest cheer leader is.  Talk about big cheer leaders.  We have the most amazing, most perfect, most wonderful cheer leader of all.  Yep, the GOD of the UNIVERSE is in awe over you.  He's completely in your corner.  He believes in you, adores you, delights in you.  And, he notices every little thing you do!  He knows your going out and your coming in.  He knows when you sit and when you stand.  He sees your heart and your intention.  Read His Word with eyes that look for his cheer leading.  It's everywhere!  Press on to know Me!  Press on for the goal!  Run the good race!  I rejoice over you with singing!  I delight in you!  Fight the good fight!  I care for your need on EVERY side!  When you are in a slump, do not ever forget that the One who knit you in your mother's womb, the Father who sent his One and Only Son is crazy about you and cheering you on.  We do not have a high priest who does not sympathize with our weaknesses.  No, he felt them himself.  You feel abandoned?  So did Christ.  You feel weak and wish you didn't have to endure what you're going through?  Jesus asked that the cup be passed from him.  Yes, pretty much any frustration or emotion you are struggling with, you can find Biblical example after Biblical example of someone in the same boat who ultimately saw God reach in and show off his love and faithfulness.   Can you imagine if we could audibly hear the voice of God yelling, "GO!  GO!"  Just because we don't hear it with our ears doesn't mean it's not happening. Nope, the God of Heaven and his heavenly angels, along with the great crowd of witnesses, is cheering you on. This whole holiday season should serve to remind you of how much of a cheer leader you have in the Lord God Almighty.  Because He made a way.

Glimpse of GRACE:  For me, my blog post yesterday served as a good reminder of just how much we all need a cheer leader.   Let me say it again, bloggy friends.  You can do this.  Even if today you are wrestling through minute by minute.  You can do this.  Surround yourself with cheer leaders.  Strive to be a cheer leader.  And SEE who your biggest cheer leader is.

Now, get out there and DO IT!  Go, go, go!  Big G, little o...go, go, go!  Because I know without a doubt, you got this.    

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