Make it Monday: Christmas Table Decor--CHEAP and EASY

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A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking to the MOPS group at my church, Church at the Cross in GrapevineOn the topic of bringing your family to the table, I was asked to speak about holiday table decor.  Listen, bloggy friends.  I ain't Martha Stewart.  She has an army of assistants who help her pull off her amazing decor and holiday hosting.  I'm a real life mama, just like you--not a SupermomSo my buzz words are SIMPLE and BUDGET FRIENDLY.

Today, I'm going to share with you my three ideas for Christmas table landscapes.  These are ideas you can implement with a trip to the Dollar Tree--with an item or two from Hobby Lobby.  And, you an be proud to dress your table for any crowd with these ideas.

First, let me share with you the 3 basics I keep on hand to use for ANY table decor and every occasion.

1.  Black twin flat sheet--yep.  From Walmart for about $3-5.  It's what I use for a table cloth.  Everything pops against black.  No stains ever show.

2.  Gold charger plates--you can get these at Dollar Tree.  I found mine on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

3.  White plates and dinnerware--Dollar Tree.  Yes, indeed.  They are easier to wash than my beautiful china from my wedding.  The ones with the gold rim that has to be hand washed.   And, if a plate gets broken by a small child, it only costs a dollar. 

Supply List:
 --Red and White decomesh (Hobby Lobby, 50% off made it $5)
--Glass vases from Dollar Tree
--white pillar candles (Hobby Lobby, 50% off made them 3 for $6)
--Red ribbon and White tulle
--Bag of peppermint candy (Dollar Tree)
--Candy Canes (Dollar Tree) 

 1.  I think the decomesh makes a great table runner?  I went back and sprinkled some peppermints on the table, around the candles.
2.  Put some peppermints in the glass vases, and put in the pillar candles.  
3.  Hot glue the red ribbon around the vase, and then hot glue a peppermint in the middle.
4.  Take 3 candy canes and just tie them around the top to create a place card holder.
5.  Voile.  You're done!


Supply List:
--3 large wine glasses (Dollar Tree)
--Pillar Candles (Hobby Lobby, 50% off made them 3 for $6)
--Berry floral picks (Dollar Tree)
--1 yard burlap cloth (Hobby Lobby)
--Greenery garland (Dollar Tree)
--Jingle bells (Dollar Tree)

--Cut your burlap into placemats, don't worry about imperfections!
--put the berry picks into the wine glass, and turn it upside down
--Wrap the garland around the glasses, at the base
--Place the candles on top of the wine glasses
--Make your place cards and slip them into the jingle bell as a stand


Supply List:
--5 glass vases (Dollar Tree)
--4 glass candlesticks (Dollar Tree)
--3 plastic tubes of red and gold ornaments (Dollar Tree)
--Christmas ribbon (Dollar Tree)
--Glittery Christmas tree ornaments (2 for $1, Dollar Tree)

1.  Fill the glass vases with the ornaments.
2.  Place an ornament in the candlestick.
3.  Using your ribbon, cut them into strips to create a border for the centerpiece.
4.  Slip your place card into the Christmas tree ornament.   

There you go, bloggy friends.  Three great and cheap ideas to dress your table! All are simple and you only have to go to a couple of places to grab your supplies.  As you can see, many of these supplies can be bought and re-used for every holiday throughout the year.  So, happy crafting!      

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