The Power We Deny

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Sharing straight from my prayer journal today. The powerful thoughts from my Father on this precious Good Friday.

Dear One,

It is finished.  Done.  Handled.  Over.  

All of it.  

So what are you giving life to that which I already died for?

Sins?  Yours and the offenses and sins of others?  Shame?  Wounds? The opinion of man?  Your own striving?  The merit of your good deeds?  The pursuit of worth and value?  Your past?  Worries?  Fear?  Anxiety?

It is finished.


So quit trying to revive it.  Quit giving it life by giving it thought.  Quit giving it room in your heart and your mind that belongs to Me.  Quit giving it any control or power over you.  Because I overcame it.  You're chained by it when I broke you free.  You're battling it when I am victorious.  You're imprisoned by it when I paid the price for freedom.  

The problem isn't the things that distract you, defeat you and overwhelm you.  The problem is that it is finished.  Yet you give it life.  

You overlook and deny the power of the cross and the victory of the empty tomb and the price that I paid. 

Because when I yielded up my spirit, I chose to pay the price to redeem you from it all.  Shame.  Accusation.  Condemnation.  Fear.  Anxiety.  Sin.  Yours and that of others.

I saw it all.  Acknowledged it all.  And conquered it all.

Because it is finished. 

So live like it.

Quit denying the power of the cross.

Remember that by My stripes, you are healed.

Live like the chosen, beloved, redeemed, forgiven, victorious child of the Most High God.  Who sent His Son to settle it.  Once and for all.  

And poured out love and grace the depths of which you can never outrun or use up.

And I granted a Helper to guide you in truth.  And to remind you, day after day.

It is finished!

So leave it buried.

Give no life to it.

Walk in victory and freedom.

Bring every struggle to the cross and rest in My peace.

Yes.  By My stripes, you are healed.  

Freed to live because I died.

The matter is settled.

It.  IS.  Finished!

"I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world."  
John 16:33

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