Frugal Friday--Shameless Self Promotion

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I am giddy today.  It's like the night before Christmas...because it is!  Sorta.  Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual CREATE Christmas event at my church, and I have eagerly anticipated this event for a year.  Seriously.  The day after last's year event, I was brainstorming how to improve it, what projects to choose, and all sorts of other details.  Because nothing THRILLS my soul like watching others create.  Especially when said others complain that they aren't the least bit crafty.  Yeah, I've learned to pay no attention to that.  Because the truth is, it's in there somewhere.  We were made in the image of a pretty creative Creator, after all.  And, I think there is something so therapeutic and encouraging about making something tangible, with your own two hands.  To be blessed with having a tiny little part in that process?  Ah-MAZE-ing!

So, it's not too late!  Here is my shameless self promotion.  Okay, technically, a promotion of our church event.  TOMORROW people!  Do not let DFW Connector construction detour you--there is a way to get to the Church at the Cross in Grapevine, from 9-1 pm, come and go.  All projects are $5 or $10.  Make as much as you want, while supplies last.  Pay on your way out for all projects you made--and have some pretty awesome (and frugal) Christmas gifts ready to go!  Even if you decided to simply gift yourself with your creations.  Just check out the projects to choose from!

beaded cross necklace...or bookmark!  $5 each (includes chain)


photo board (24" x 5.5")... $10 each

beaded wall cross (8" x 12"...$10 each

glass tile necklaces (square, round, heart or rectangle!)...
$5 each which includes chain or cord 
beaded serving pieces...$5 per serving piece

burner cover memo board (magnetic!)...$5 each

INTENTIONAL challenge:  If you are at all interested in pinterest, if you have aspirations of crafting but hate getting the supplies, if you think you aren't crafty--THEN COME TO THIS EVENT!  Bring a friend, a snack or drink, and cash or checkbook.  And, come CREATE some Christmas yourself.  You'll be glad you did!

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