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Finding Your Voice to Sing

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It was too much to ask of her. But then, perilous times often require even the youngest to flirt with danger. She stood on the water's edge, watching carefully, perhaps praying to the God of her fathers for salvation. The baby in the basket should have been killed, according to all circumstances. According to the Pharaoh's edict. 

So she watched, from the protection of the reeds on the riverbank. She was uniquely positioned to witness the deliverance that came when Pharaoh's daughter lifted him from the water, preserving his life.

Decades passed, and then again, she stood at the water's edge. Witness to another miracle. Another deliverance. But this time, it wasn't just her baby brother. This time, it was her entire people, led out by that baby brother. Every one of them. Pharaoh still pursuing them to the death. But the generations of people who were raised in captivity were finally freed, there on a dry road right through the middle of the Red Sea.

They stood on the water's edge and burst into song. They sang with all their hearts, I imagine. I picture their hearts swelling and the tears streaming, as they sing their song of deliverance with voices raised and cracking with emotion. And, she, the little girl who watched for her brother's deliverance, now saw her brother as the instrument of deliverance. He was rescued, that he might become the rescuer.

It's the rhythm of the gospel.

So she adds her own refrain and finds her freedom song.

Sing to the Lord, 
for he is highly exalted.
The horse and the rider
he has hurled into the sea.
Exodus 15:21  

She told her people to sing. The echo of her words rings just as true today. For all throughout Scripture, from Exodus forward, this song of deliverance is repeated as an anthem. This freedom song is found from the Old Testament throughout the New. From David in Psalms to Stephen in Acts, this Red Sea song is repeated and declared by the people of God as a reminder, encouragement, and a song of praise.

Because we all need to hear it. In our captivity and wrestling, we need to hear the songs of rescue. And when we are rescued, we need to sing for those who still need rescuing.

The importance of singing is found throughout Scripture. The Israelites were given specific instructions about singers in the tabernacle, and David instructs us repeatedly to sing praise to the Lord. We are told that God inhabits the praise of his people.

I believe we all have a calling to find our voice to sing.

He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear
and put their trust in the Lord.
Psalm 40:3

Everyday, God is informing the lyrics of our songs with his Word. Everyday, he is instructing our tongues to speak and sing the truth of his freedom as we come to know him more and more. As we have eyes to see him intersect our days and ears to hear him sing over us, we find the words to our songs. Through the glory of sunsets and the whistles of birds. Through the laughter of children and the kindness of friends.

We are called to sing our songs.  For we need to hear them, again and again. Sometimes our songs are upbeat and joyous. Sometimes our songs are laments and cries for help. 

And when our songs grow quiet, and we cannot find the words, we need to borrow the songs of others. While our songs are being revealed from the dark places, while we stand on the water's edge and wait for deliverance, we need to hear the songs of others so that we might borrow them for ourselves until they become our very own.

Everyday, we sing our songs. Perhaps, if you're like me, that may not be an actual song -- for the good of those around me with my lack of musical ability. But, I must sing with the gifts and opportunity I have with the people I encounter. I'm called to tell of his goodness and sing with acts of love, and write lyrics with words of truth. We are called to share and repeat when he delivers us in a million little ways, to remedy not only our own spiritual amnesia but that of others.

With this in mind, I begin a year long journey on this blog, and I'm so excited to announce it here today. I want us to sing our songs. I want to hear the songs of others and listen carefully to their stories. I want to share them with each of you and let my blog become a microphone in order that we might hear the truth of who God is by learning how he is moving in the lives of others.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Because he is the God who delivered Moses on the water so that he could use him to deliver his people through the water. 

He is the God who set his people free from Egyptian captivity, and he is the God who is daily setting us free today.

That we might find new songs every day, borrow songs when needed, and more readily recognize the lyrics of a God who rejoices over us with singing, quiets us with his love, and is mighty to save (Zephaniah 3:17).

I can't wait to share the rhythm of his love and melody of his faithfulness through the lives of those whose songs we will hear. And, in so doing, our own voices will gain strength and join in collective praise to the God of deliverance, all for his glory.

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