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My PSA for Hump Day

9:51 AMHeather

Y'all, I can hardly go up the stairs. Or down them, for that matter. 

Once upon a time, I used to do boot camp. Three times a week. At 5 am. It was my glory days of fitness. I was, in fact, quite prideful, about that season of learning all sorts of new skills like planking, doing burpees, and trying to not let jumping jacks reveal the issues associated with having birthed three babies.

If you are a mom post-pregnancy, then you're feeling me on the problem with things like trampolines and jumping up and down.

Alas, my glory days came to an end with a back surgery. While my ruptured L5 disc was repaired, my mentality about fitness was not.

My body wasn't capable of what it had been previously and I never got my mojo back mentally.

Until now. 

So, day two of a return to fitness. This time with my beloved. 

It's hump day. And I am wondering why the lady in the workout videos hates me so much. Why doesn't she want me to be able to sit down on the potty without my glutes screaming at me?  WHY does she want me to have jelly arms and jelly legs? 

Seriously, I'm not even a good french braider on a good day. Much less today, when I had to hold my arms up for like 4 whole minutes post work-out to get my girl ready for school.

Which might explain how it turned out looking. Yes, peers and adults who see her today. That was MY doing, not hers.

Just in case you are feeling the weight of hump day, and your week has also got you all bent out of shape, this one is for you.

This is my PSA for hump day.

See, the thing is, you can't forget that you've got this. That in just two more "get-ups," it's the weekend! You are all kinds of awesome, and I bet you don't even give yourself credit for it.

Moms of littles, you are loving those babies like a boss. And it all matters. Truly. All those dirty diapers and sleepless nights and spit ups and baby baths. It's all being the hands and feet of a Father who loves us infinitely more tenderly and more fiercely than we love on our littles.

Moms of bigs... your investments will pay off. Really. You'll hardly even notice it, honestly. It slips by you so easily sometimes, how your consistent pouring into that child is paying off. But when your offspring head off to school and hold their head high and give it their best, it's because you taught them to believe in themselves. When your child makes good decisions and uses sound judgment, it's a mad skill you passed along. When your teenager seeks you out to give you a hug after a long day--even though this isn't an everyday occurrence--you breathe a deep prayer of gratitude that God has kept you connected and that they are returning your love. 

When your child has the smallest breakthrough, no matter how tiny, don't forget to take notice. 

They are growing. They are learning. You are all moving forward. 

Working people... what you do matters. No matter what it is. If you keep the computers running smoothly, or teach children, or work in an office, or even act as drill sergeant while instructing others how to get fit and not be able to use their stairs... it all matters. 

There is no one in the world who is made just like you, who can do just what you do in the way that you do it.

And to the weary and worn and broken on this hump day, I have something to say to you, too. 

The walls won't always be in ruins. 

I've just finished a study of Nehemiah through IF Equip's website. 

And you need to know this. You can hang every last ounce of hope on this fact.

Your wall won't always be broken. Your life won't always look like ruins. 

Because God is a God who repairs the broken, who heals the wounds, who resurrects that which was dead. 

He is a God who is faithFUL when we are faithLESS. 

He is the God who allowed his Only Son to be beaten and bruised and broken completely so that you could be made whole.

So he surely didn't intend for you to live in some dark hole forever. 

He intends for you to rely completely on his strength to raise you up again.

He equipped the Israelites to rebuild their massive wall in 52 days.

He rose up his own son in 3.

He brought Lazarus back after 4. 

He stopped the rain for Noah after 40. 

He rescued Daniel from lion's den after 1.

God intends to turn things around for us. 

Today might be the day that the tide turns.

He intends to use for good in our lives what others intend for evil. He is the God who rebuilds, raises, resurrects, saves, protects and rescues.

No matter what storm or enemy or opposition comes against you this hump day, remember that it won't last.

You might be in the middle of it. But you will get to the end of it. And it won't be the end of you.

So hang in there, bloggy friends. If you find yourself a bit frayed around the edges from all of your efforts this week, just know that you've got this.

Because God Almighty has got you.

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