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Last night, one of my best friends posted a hysterical commentary about her very bizarre day. Needless to say, she was SPENT, I tell you. From the activities and weirdness and demands of the day. Another friend admitted that her struggle is so real that she is just pressing herself through her days with a facade of a smile.

Bottom line.

We are tired, y'all.

We are all just so tired. 

Tired from the getting up and the doing and the demands and the tasks and the juggling of calendars and the spinning of plates and the wearing of so many hats. 

Not to mention the painful seasons of life. That wipe us out and kill our joy and destroy our hope.

Life is hard. Life is hard from the piling up of tiny daily demands. And life is hard from huge concerns and big life crises. From matters of how to get it all done to matters of life and death.

We are wiped out. I'd venture to guess that the majority of people reading this today either are or have recently felt this way.

Tired. Weary. Worn thin.

Tired from trying, only to face the same struggles. Over and over.

As I hit the snooze button this morning eight two times, this is exactly how I was feeling. The last few days have been a blur of activities and tasks and just the busy, busy rhythm of life. 

Before I hit the road for a busy morning, I snatched a few minutes to sit and read my Bible and write in my prayer journal.

And there it was. The faithful words of our Father. Which have resonated with me all the livelong busy day. May you find the encouragement here that I did.

Dear Child,

I will continually teach you these lessons. As long as it is necessary. Every day of your life. As long as you draw breath on this earth. Because until you enter into my presence in Heaven, you will never "arrive." You will never "get there." You will not be perfected and you will continue to struggle and strive. It's all part of living in this fallen world. And it's okay. I am not looking for you to attain perfection. I'm not surprised when you wrestle with the same old things. 

My heart is for you. My desire is that you continue to seek me. That you continue to run towards me. 

And so, I will continually teach you these lessons. The same ones. Patiently. With grace. Not with irritation or harshness or frustration. I'm not that kind of parent. 

I am calling you to choose better. To choose well. To spend your life well. Because you are spending it. Every minute of every day. It's just a matter of HOW you are spending it. I want you to choose obedience and surrender. And I want you to choose to ignore and "intentionally neglect" the things that just waste your time. As your pastor said on Sunday. To intentionally NEGLECT the time wasters. The things that leave you empty. That do not fulfill. That may even be of good value...but not of the BEST value. Because whatever you choose to spend your time, talents, energy and intellect on means you are also choosing to NOT spend them elsewhere. And every minute that you spend is valuable. 

So consider what does not fulfill. And stop to ponder what does. Stop to think about what does fill you up and feed your soul. Stop and think about what you do that helps accomplish that for others. Choose well. Choose wisely. Choose people. Choose to pour out encouragement. Choose to spend time in my Word and in prayer. Feed your faith. Build your faith so that you can put your full confidence in me. And starve your fears. Starve the things that leave you feeling unsure and inferior and insecure. Starve the things that have no eternal value. Intentionally neglect them.

Let's keep dealing with unbelief. Let's keep rooting out bitterness. Let's keep learning how to forget the past and move on from living there. Let's keep looking at how you are tied up with earning the applause of man. Let's keep considering where you steal My glory. It's all part of moving toward freedom-- the freedom of serving others, giving of your time and talents, and loving others well as you love Me well. 

So press on! Keep going. One little baby step at a time. Minute by minute. I am cheering you on. I am watching intently from my Throne in Heaven, and I am always with you. I am cheering you on. I'm not the only one in your cheering section. You have a great cloud of witnesses yelling and screaming and reminding you that you can do it! With my strength, you can do it.

You are running your race. Yes, you might stumble. But then, just get back up and keep going. 

Because I am your Heavenly Father. I am your Abba Father. And I'm ALL for you. I'm like the crazy proud dad in the stands, with a huge button with your face on it pinned to a shirt with your jersey number. And everyone knows whose dad I am. Because I am so obnoxiously cheering for you. 

I am your biggest fan. I am your loudest cheerleader. No one loves you more than Me. I loved you to death.

And while you may not feel like "you got this," it's okay.

Because I do. 

And I have you.

So keep running! Keep running your race. Some days you may run fast and free, with much speed. Other days you may walk or fall or even stop or stumble. Fatigue and frustration may slow you down.

But just keep going.

My mercies are new each day. So keep running!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders us and the sin that so easily entangles. And lets us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. For the joy set before him, he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the Throne of God.
Hebrews 12:1-2

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