Don't Give Up, Mama!

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Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time 
we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 
Galatians 6:9 

This is one of my favorite Mommy verses.  I think it just about sums up the monotony and marathon of mothering.  Weary.  Trying to do good.  The promise of a harvest--someday.  A far away someday.  The call to not give up, no matter how many times I want to run away to a beach or at least a restaurant without a playground.

Don't become weary in changing diapers...
         ...someday, potty training will be such a distant memory you'll  even ooh and ahh at the tiny little diapers at a baby shower.

Don't become weary in midnight feedings...
         ...someday, you'll sit and watch the clock as their curfew rolls around, and you'll fondly remember late nights together when things were much simpler.

Don't become weary in filling another sippy cup...
        ...someday, you'll knock on their bedroom door, offering to bring them a bottle or water or anything else they might need. And, you'll feel a little sad that they don't need you in the same way that they used to.

Don't become weary in singing "The Wheels on the Bus"--AGAIN...
        ...someday, you'll wish you knew all the lyrics to their favorite song.  You'll try to sing along, and they'll just roll their eyes.

Don't become weary in their constant questions and asking why?...
       ...someday, you'll wish they wanted your amazing insight and knowledge.  You'll offer it anyway, but somehow feel they are tuning you out.  

Don't become weary in giving daily baths...
       ...someday you'll see a pre-teen where your child used to be and you'll realize you don't even know when they last showered?  

Don't become weary in bedtime stories--the same book again and again...
      ...someday they'll go shut themselves in their room to read on their own for hours.  Big chapter books--with no help from you.

And, don't become weary in writing out Bible verses on index cards to place on their pillows at bedtime, hoping to instill the Word of God in their young hearts...

...Because someday, you'll wake up on Mother's Day, and all day long, you'll be blessed by index cards THEY have written for YOU, filled with Bible verses and expressions of love.  And, you'll see a glimpse of that harvest.  You'll see faith growing stronger in them, by their own choosing, and you'll see love overflowing from the little ones you've poured into.

Remember, sweet bloggy friends--do not grow weary!  For a harvest is coming. 

Trust me--I know.  I am a former diaper changing, midnight feeding, Wheels on the Bus singing, bedtime reading, daily bathing mommy.  And, I blinked--now my kids are taller than me.  

May we never give up!  

For a harvest is indeed coming.

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