A Blanket of Hope

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On this record breaking March snow day for Texas, I offer you a letter. This is a letter to every reader, from the perspective of your Heavenly Father. Soak in every word as if he is speaking just for you.

Dear Child,

I am the maker of all things new. I don't just wash you as white as snow -- I am the snow.  I cover the dreary and the barren and the dread with glistening beauty that breaths new life into it -- and over it. 

I take the dirty and the lifeless and I blanket it with wonder. I change the sadness and anger and loneliness to a pristine, gorgeous sight. 


This is what I want to do in your life.

I want to take what is worn out and tired and then rain down new things. I want to change the heart of the weary to make them feel like a giddy school child with an unexpected snow day.







I want to take the cold, gray rain in your life and transform it to a breathtaking wonderland.

This is a picture of me.

This is an image of what I do. How I work. What I'm up to.

Beauty. For ashes.

Seasons of winter for the soul turned into the gorgeous and unexpected.

Taking the hard and ragged and wearisome -- and wrapping it a blanket of wonder and love and surprises.

Trust my heart, dear one. Look out the window at the blue clear skies and the evergreens with snow collected on their branches and piles of sparkling, glistening white as far as the eye can see.

Fresh. Untouched. Majestic.


Like a snow globe, come to life.



Awe inspiring.

And this, my child, is what I do for you. In you. Through you.

Over and over and over. It's the rhythm of my grace. To take what is gray and muddy and ugly and worn. And pour myself out to cover it all with a blanket of hope. A blanket of newness. A blanket of beauty.

I transform the ugly, dreary, endless seasons of hard. And wrap it in my love to create incredible beauty that stirs your soul.

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