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I am going to be the boss of you.  If you are a mom, have a mom, or know a mom (that should cover all the bases)...then for the love of good clean uplifting entertainment--GO SEE THE MOVIE Moms Night Out.  Do not ask questions.  Do not make other plans.  Do not spend that $9 that will buy you the movie ticket.  Or the extra $35 for the snack at the movie.

Pull out your calendar.  Arrange child care.  And go see Moms Night Out.  Preferably making it an actual moms night out with your mom friends.  Or maybe a mom acquaintance who seems a bit overwhelmed. Or just a girlfriend you are wanting to get to know better.

Listen, I don't go see many movies in the theater.  Not since a movie marathon about 2 weeks before my first son was born in January 1999.  Oh, I see the occasional animated movie.  And these days, my money goes to the movies with my teenage sons when I drop them off with their church friends for a matinee.  But, I don't actually go to the theater all that often.  

So, don't take it lightly when I tell you that Moms Night Out is a movie you don't want to miss.  On the big screen.  And hopefully not from the second row like I did on Friday night.  Somehow, two different groups of friends planned the exact same girls' night out this weekend, so not once but TWICE this past weekend I went to dinner with friends (a restaurant with no play grounds OR happy meals) and then to see this movie.  Just so you know, we scored better seats on my second round.  And, it was just as fabulous and worth it both times.  Besides that my social life is apparently feast or famine.  Months of Friday nights in pajamas by 4:00 pm and a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress.  Then BAM!  Twice in one weekend, I wore big girl clothes (AKA NOT yoga pants) and had a grown up night out.  

And here's why you should do the same.

We moms need a break. Because as this movie points out in such a hilarious way, our job is 24/7.  We have a co-dependent, love/hate, can't escape relationship with our job.  We birthed them or adopted them.  And we adore them.  And they drive us bonkers.  Approximately two seconds before we tear up because they melt our hearts.  It's a bipolar life raising children.  And we need a break. Just wait for the main character's husband, Sean, to explain this with a great analogy in the movie.  And be ready to applaud his description.

We moms need to laugh.  And I don't mean the demonic, losing our minds sorta crazy laugh.  I mean the kind that makes tears run down your legs.  (Another gift of child bearing...)  We need to take a step back and laugh at ourselves and our stress and our reality.  Laughter is medicine for the soul.  I personally believe it is best enjoyed in the company of friends.  This movie delivers when it comes to a good laugh.  Or two.  Or ten.  

Stress paralysis is a real thing.  We need help.  Oh, just wait for it in this movie.  Stress paralysis.  Yep.  Perfectly describes the "meh mode" we get into as moms and as busy, perfectionistic, task oriented, people pleasing women.  We can only take so much.  A great prescription for this condition is the encouragement you will find in the message of this movie.

Time to get off the comparison crazy train.  How about we make a pact as moms?  One of the great messages of this movie is the crazy train we ride as we compare ourselves to each other, fueled by social media (wait for it.  GREAT Pinterest reference from a least expected character).  We go from comparing whose child walked first to playground politics of whose kid got to the slide first.  It doesn't stop.  Nope.  There's competitive little league sports and success ceremonies and such to help fuel this little defeating game of whose kids and mothering are the most successful.  So, how about we make a pact that we simply tone it all down a bit, go see this movie together, and resolve to embrace exactly where God placed each of us?
It takes a village.  Not just to raise a kid but to be a mom.  We need to band together.  Like the characters in this film when their night out takes some major detours.  We need each other.  Not to compare or use as a plumb line.  But to cheer lead for each other.  To help one another.  To get out of sticky situations like a day when you think you are going crazy and you just need someone to remind you that you aren't.  So, step one--go see this movie together.  Then, consider how to put the lessons into action.  Walking the road, arms around each other, supporting one another through this very important and difficult road of mothering.

It made me laugh.  It made me cry.  Now, that's a good movie.  To accomplish both.  The acting is fantastic.  The characters are so likeable and you can totally relate to them.  The plot is fun and does indeed have some twists and turns.  This is not a movie whose trailers are the only funny parts.  This is a movie that has you laughing at yourself and then leaves you feeling like you got this mothering thing.  Not an easy task for a movie to accomplish--but it does.  It's a movie with a deep message.  Well played, Moms Night Out producers.  Well played.  

I know we all have a million and one things to do.  But let us not neglect to gather together for some fun, encouragement, and reminders about why we do what we do every single day.  Let's support this film with a God honoring message.  Let's put our dollars behind it, in the theaters, to speak to the type of entertainment we enjoy.  Let's grab a friend who needs to be uplifted.  Who needs a break.  Who needs to hear about God's love and His applause for the grunge work of mothering.  

Go see this movie!  And then, dear mommy friends, let's be eagles. (You'll get that reference after the movie).   

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