Who's Your Giant? (Part 2)

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Interesting. I just googled giant.  I was a little curious about what that search might bring.  I saw pictures of the Jolly Green Giant, Andre the Giant, and giant animals of all sorts.  Giants.  We all have them. Those things that loom over us.  We live in their shadows.  Like David's very own Goliath, they taunt us and tease us, seeking to defeat us.  Like I talked about on Friday's post.  

Oh, this familiar story is proving to have depths of unexplored territory, with all sorts of brand new insight.  One question has been rolling around my head since Friday.  I can't shake it.  It's not something I had ever seen in this story until I read 1 Samuel 17 again last week.

David looked across to the same giant that his brothers saw.  One and the same Goliath that caused the Israeli army to shake in their boots and run away.  After 40 days of twice daily taunting, the fear Goliath evoked had yet to lessen. 1 Samuel 17:24 says every last member of the Israeli army fled from Goliath in great fear.

But not David.  Nope.  The little shepherd boy sent as a courier saw this Goliath.  All nine feet of him.  The same image that everyone else looked upon.  But, instead of fear, he felt something else.  Curious.  And a seemingly inexplicable courage. Yep.  His response was completely different. 

David asked the men standing near him, “What will be done for the man who kills this Philistine and removes this disgrace from Israel? Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?" 1 Samuel 17:26

David looked upon that giant of a man and he saw a disgrace.  He saw a man defiant of the Living God.  Where everyone else saw an opponent who could not be defeated, David saw someone who couldn't win.  Someone who dared to stand against the Lord.  What made the difference for David?  Because the contrast could not be more striking.  

The difference was all in the perspective.  You see, the difference was in the giant that David saw.  When David looked at that mammoth Philistine man, he saw a very different giant. 

What David saw in this situation was a God who was so big and so real to David that He was the Living God, without a doubt.  When David looked at this enemy, what he saw was someone doomed to fail.  Doomed because he dared to set himself up against the Victorious God Almighty.  Doomed because no one can stand against David's God and win.  David's perspective was this.  "How dare he?  Doesn't Goliath realize he is messing with THE Living God who cannot be defeated?"

David saw a giant alright.  But it was not the Philistine who screamed and hooted and hollered.  Nope.  David's giant was the big God that he knew.  Intimately.  Completely.  As a matter of fact. No questions asked.

Talk about courage.  Courage to see the giant of a Mighty God who dwarfs everything else.  Every other circumstance.  Every other opponent.  Every other enemy.  Courage to train his eyes from the earthly giant to a Heavenly One who was bigger and badder and undefeated--now and forevermore. 

WHERE does that courage come from?  HOW do we get a piece of that action?  To be able to see the things that we face in the shadow of our Giant God rather than just the things that leave us standing in their shadows? 

Yeah, you think.  I'm no David.  I mean, I'm no anointed "up and coming" king.  

Listen.  David's life was no bed of roses.  We know one thing for sure.  David did NOT get that courage and confidence from his family.  Not. at. all.  Remember--Daddy sent David off to take food to his older beloved brothers who were fighting in the army.  He was to come back with a reassuring word to put Dad to rest. 

It would seem from 1 Samuel that when Daddy looked at David all he saw was the youngest who was nothing more than a shepherd boy. And the brothers?  Verse 28 tells us clearly about the grief that his brothers gave David.  They were angry when they saw him, calling him wicked and conceited.  And basically worthless.  

If you think you can't possibly have a giant faith or believe in a Big God because no one ever believed in you, then you are in good company. 

You ever hear the deafening sound of man's rejection and it makes you want to reply like David, "NOW, what have I done?" (verse 29).  How can you ever stand with courage?  No one has ever encouraged you.  You can't stand with boldness against the opposition.  You are a nothing. 

That's pretty much what David had been told.  Over and over again.

See there.  We have no excuses.  

So no one taught David how to be so confident.  David was not emboldened by the cheers of a dad or brothers who spurred him on.  
David's courage to see a Giant God instead of a giant enemy surely came only from the Lord himself.  It came from who David knew God to be.  And in who God told David that he was.  David enjoyed fellowship with God.  An intimacy.  He walked with him through countless hours tending the sheep.  I imagine him out in the fields, singing his songs as he glanced at the stars.  Praying, perhaps aloud, and feeling God's presence.  David did not walk in a confidence given to him by men.  No, David walked in a confidence given to him by God himself.  The secret?  Time together.  No magic word.  No magic potion. 

Do you know who God says YOU are?  YOU, my bloggy friend, are as equipped as David.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation 
for those who are in Christ Jesus.
Romans 8:1

Even if you own brothers or loved ones or friends call you all sorts of names, Christ Jesus denounces it all.   Naw, Christ says, don't listen to that.  It's nothing but nonsense.  

And you know what else?  Not only are you free from what anyone may have to say about you, God tells who you are really are. YOU are a victor.

  No, in all these things we are more than conquerors 
through him who loved us. 
Romans 8:37 

WE are like David.  We are more than conquerors.  God whispered to David like He does to us.  It's not easy.  No, it's hard to press on in the face of opposition. It's hard to take on a fight that no one says you can win.  When David decided that this fight--this Goliath person--was his for the taking, he went to King Saul.  Who promptly told him how he was too young and too inexperienced to even consider such a crazy notion. (verse 33)

This leads me to beg the question.  What are the "you aren't ables" and "but you're onlys" in your life?  WHAT are the messages and tapes that play in your head that defeat you day after day?  How can you possibly move beyond that?  How can you silence them and stand firm no matter what?

How can you respond like David, and say, yeah, I hear you, but listen here?  The truth of it was that God had been preparing David his entire life for that very moment.  God knew all the days of David's life, before one of them came to be.  (David himself tells us that in Psalm 139, by the way.)  When that giant came for a show down, David was able to recall all the victories that God had given him leading up to this day.  David was able to stand in confidence where everyone else fled because he knew the same God who delivered him from the lions and the bears while he tended sheep would deliver him from this Philistine.  David stood in faith because he knew God's faithfulness.  

What about you?  Fill in the blanks to this sentence:

The same god who delivered me from [these past experiences]___________________________ will deliver me now from [this current circumstance]____________________________. 

THAT, my friend, is how David could stand against his foe.  Because he remembered clearly how Giant his God is.  He had a God memory.  It was enough to lead him to respond with confidence.

The Israeli army?  They suffered like most people from spiritual amnesia.  When they faced a foe, all they saw was the current circumstance.  They forgot all the times, all the ways, that their God had shown himself big.  

And that is what makes all the difference.  It really boils down to this question.  Do you see the giant foe?  Robbed of confidence due to spiritual amnesia.  Or do you see a Giant God, whose track record in your life gives you all the courage and boldness you need to see how tiny those foes really are in comparison?

Who's your giant?  The answer to that question will determine whether you run in fear or stand and fight. 

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