A Birthday Fairy Tale: Dedicated to My Husband

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Once upon a time, in a land not far away, but yet long, long ago, a handsome prince was born.  He was an adorable little prince.

Wouldn't you agree?

This fine prince grew up with the love and affection of his parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.  And, well.  You get the picture.  And upon his completion of school in the land of Plano, he chose to go to a not-so-distant land to complete his education.  A place known as Baylor, the land of the Bears.


There in that land of the Bears, the prince made many friends.  Because, well--if you've ever met this prince, then you know that he is far from shy.  He likes to speak to anyone he meets.  The cashier.  The waitress.  The bus boy.  Just anyone.  Because the prince has a magical gift of seeing the worth in every person he encounters.  It's a rare trait for sure.  So, there in the land of the Bears, the prince met many people.  Yet, it was not until the end of his first year at Baylor that he met a fair maiden in distress.  

In fact, she was in great distress.  Because her father had died and many hard and difficult things were happening.  Her smile had been lost.  She was a sad sort.  Misunderstood by many.  She cried often.  She was not herself.  

Yet, the prince saw something that no one else did.  Because of his magical gift.  He saw beyond her sadness and distress.  He saw worth.  In fact, something of such value to him that he was determined to stay by her side.  Despite her difficulties.  At this, she was amazed.  And thankful.  And happy.  And ever so slowly, she found her smile again.  As they danced at the parties of their fraternity and sorority. And picnicked by the river.  And made many happy memories together.

Of course, the maiden was smitten.  How could she not be?  The fair prince held her hand and dried her tears and made her laugh.  She could hardly believe her good fortune.  Her blessings, in fact.  

And then, after several years in the land of the Bears, the fair prince asked for her hand in marriage.  And the fair maiden had never felt so blessed ever.  To have been chosen among all maidens.  To take the fair prince as her beloved.

And, so they married on a wonderful day with friends and family.  And yes, in fact.  They lived happily ever after.  

Except for the not-so-happily days that tend to come.  Yet, the fair maiden did not fear.  For she knew that her fair prince could handle the weight and the difficulty of hard times.  Of this she was sure.  So, she rested well in his company.  And, in the course of several years, God blessed them with their own little princes.  

Fine fellows indeed.  They believed they had all they could ask for.  Yet, God had one more surprise.  One more big blessing to add to their family.

This is how the darling princess came to join the family of the fair prince and the maiden.  And while their life was their own version of happily ever after, it wasn't really always happy.  There were hard days.  And long days.  And sad days.  And sometimes mad days.  There were laughter and tears.  Victories and challenges.  

But, always, always, the love they shared.  The hope they had.  That God would bring them through their distress and walk them through their trials.  Because He always had.  And they knew He always would.  

And because of the steadfast love and strength and kindness of her fair prince, the maiden rejoiced always on the day of his birth.  

Because she knew that while her little world had been blessed by that day, she also knew the world at large had been as well.  And so, she declared that July 9 should always be a day of great rejoicing.  While they lived their together ever after.

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