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Well, bloggy friends.  Here we are.  It's Monday again.  And this is my sixth installment of do MORE with Mondays.  Which has me wondering.

Whatcha doin'?  I mean, I'm just curious about what anyone out there is doing with this idea of being part of global change and humanitarian aid.  Has anyone been spurred to action?  If so, really.... whatcha doin'?  What are you doing or willing to do differently so that you can be doing MORE to reach out and touch the lives of others?

There are a billion creative, wonderful organizations and individuals doing MORE with their time and talents and gifts and money.  And it's inspiring.  It makes me believe that I can be part of something bigger.  It makes me realize that all is takes to be part of something bigger is a willingness to get off the couch and actually do something.  It makes me dare to believe that maybe God even has a way for me to spear head some new approach or avenue?  

I just don't know yet.  But, I dare to dream.  Because others did.  And things are happening. All around the world.  

I don't want you to miss it.  Truth is that God will accomplish His will and His work with or without you.  He doesn't need you.  He doesn't need me.  

Instead, He wants us.  He just wants us to be part of it.  To grab our ticket to the front row seat of kingdom work and to dig in.  Not because we should buy into some egocentric ideology that says we are oh-so-needed.  Quite the contrary--because we have an invitation to be part of what He will accomplish.  Get in on the action.  Or not.  Choose to be obedient and thus be blessed.  

Or just continue with your status quo.  And miss out on all that God wants to show you and teach you and the ways He wants to grow you.  

I think I'm finally learning that I really can get out of my comfort zone.  I really can quit being a spectator and I can get in the game.  This is just one of the lessons I've learned from my 9 week Couch to 5K training.  But more on that tomorrow.

It's exciting.  To realize that I can be part of it.  And you can too.  So because I don't want you to miss a thing, I thought we should maybe pause today and recap the incredible organizations--just so you can remind yourself where you can plug in and how you can be part of a bigger effort to impact people and effect global change.  

We all learn from repetition.  So, today I'm repeating a brief synopsis of the organizations I've highlighted thus far. 

Plus, I'm going to put my money (literally) where my mouth is.  And tell you how I've plugged in to the organizations I've highlighted here.

1.  Sevenly 

Been there, done that...got the t-shirt.  Yes, indeed.  THIS is the t-shirt I ordered from Sevenly.  Here's how it works.  Every week, Sevenly sponsers a particular cause.  They sell t-shirts and other items with really cool designs related to that cause.  For every item sold, they donate $7 to the charity of the week.

It changes every Monday--but you can still purchase from past campaigns.  I bought THIS t-shirt because I had to.  It's for Love without Boundaries, which funds surgeries for orphans--which helps them be adopted.  Darling Chinese babies who need cleft palate or lip surgery or such.  HOW can I work in adoption--doing home studies for families adopting from China--without buying this t-shirt?  

Love this fund raising model.  Love this organization.  You will too.   

2.  One Together, Inc.  

This relief organization for children around the world is founded by my former co-worker, Cyndi Hoch.  They help provide food, shelter and the basics for vulnerable children around the globeI know Cyndi.  I adore and admire her.  She is the real deal.  So join in!  

Here's what we did.  We gathered all the change from our Giving Jar.  This jar has sat on our kitchen desk for several months, and we toss mostly coins into it that would otherwise just sit in our pockets or such.  My kids have joined in--not just my husband and I.  Our jar was getting full, so we rolled our spare change.

It takes $13 to feed a child.  For a month.  Listen--I can hardly feed one of my children for a DAY on that amount.   You can buy two Starbucks...or feed a child for THIRTY days.  C'mon.  

With our little rolled change, we will be feeding 5 children for a month.  Love, love, love.  It takes so little to do so much.  Join me.  And get your kids involved.

3.  Vapor Sports Ministries  
If you didn't read my blog post about Vapor--then let me tell you how I learned about them.  I sat next to a board member on a flight and was intrigued and impressed and challenged.

Vapor Sports Ministries knows this truth.  What kid doesn't love sports?  And when a child is struggling to find clean water and food--the idea of playing soccer or any other team sport is not even a possibility.  Except for Vapor Sports Ministries.  

Vapor goes in to a village, build a sports complex--complete with a clean water well for the community--and they train the local people how to run their own microbusinesses to support their families.  And to support the sports complex.  These complexes become a community hub that are self-sustaining.  Children come and play on sports teams, where they learn not only valuable athletic skills, but they are learning about the word of God.  

Self-sustaining centers for humanitarian aid, disciple making, and the fun of sports in third world countries?  Does it get any better?  

To be honest--we haven't done anything just yet for Vapor.  BUT, my daughter will be skipping her volleyball camp this year.  And, I'll be sending that $65 as a donation to Vapor. 

Won't you do the same?  Match your child's sports fees in the form of a donation so that you can be part of giving hope to children.

4.  Punjammies 

The plight of the three women in Ohio goes to show us that human trafficking and sex slaves are not just the story half-way around the world.  It's a horrible tragedy right here at home, too.  I can think of few other issues so heart wrenching than this.    

There's a fun and simple way to be part of the movement to eradicate human trafficking.

Punjammies are beautiful pajamas made by women in India who are living in an after-care facility once they are rescued from human trafficking.  Every pair you purchase are not only a great gift (for yourself or others), but also a ticket toward hope for the incredible brave soul who created that product.  

This is officially one of my new favorite gifts to give.  So I have.  For Mother's Day, for high school graduations, for a birthday...and well, any other occasion I can imagine.  I bought the pair in the picture as a gift--and they are even more beautiful in person.  

Buy a pair.  Help give a future.  You'll be glad you did.

5.  Amazima Ministries   
If you've read this blog much these last few months, you've heard a time or two or twelve about how I read the book Kisses from Katie.

It's a must read. Seriously.  Buy it.  Borrow it from the library.  Borrow from a friend (but not me because I used the library).  Sit by the pool and read it and be challenged.

It made me want to move to Uganda and save some babies and change some lives.  Except that this plan probably wouldn't work out so well for my husband and children.

So how about I just buy one of the beautiful necklaces made by the women in Uganda from recycled magazine paper beads?  And thus support the work of Katie's ministry, Amazima. 

Yes, that would probably work out better.  Or at least be easier for now.  But, I'll keep mentioning that trip to rock beautiful babies around the globe because I'm a-hoping it happens in the next year or two.  

As soon as I get my next paycheck, I'll be buying an Amazima necklace.  Now to decide--keep it or give it?  Or maybe buy two?

I already have a running list of other organizations that I cannot wait to share with you.   Listen--if you want to be a world changer, you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  Just join up with one of the above organizations and support their work.  Don't just spend your money on that which does not last.  But be intentional to direct your funds to impact lives.  That's an eternal investment.  

We can be the change that we want to see in the world.  C'mon!  Let's do it. Let's do MORE with Mondays.  And let me know about it.  Cause I'm wondering...Whatcha doin'?      

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