C'mon!!! You GOT THIS!

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I'm a runner.  Bah ha ha!  Still makes me laugh.  Because although I am TRYING to be a runner, I still feel like an imposter.  I'm not the fastest.  In fact, I'm more like Phoebe on Friends when she tries to run.  May not be pretty--but hey, I am trying.  I can say with all honesty--I do show up.  Still not sure where this idea came from to try to start running after age 40...but my hubs went for it, and together, we are attempting to be runners.

I got the pretty running shoes and some cute work out clothes, and by golly--I sure can break a sweat.  But, I'm still sorta laughing at myself like, "Oh, sure, I'm a runner."  Gotta say that it still feels like a punch line.  Chris and I are working through Couch to 5K, and we are on week 7 of 9.  As of five minutes ago, we are also officially registered for our first 5K on May 18th.  I know it sounds all official and such.  So, guess we really are doing this thing.  

But, like much in my life, I'm just still not convinced I'm doing this well.  Or right.  And I'm questioning myself on my abilities.  I lean toward being high maintenance when it comes to needing encouragement.  Thank goodness my husband leans toward being exceptional at offering encouragement.  So, our early morning runs, with me sorta missing my bed and full of doubts, he frequently says things like, "You can do this!  You got this!"  It's what I need to keep going when I've hit a wall.  And, this morning, I got an extra dose of encouragement when we passed friends along the way who cheered us on.

Oh, how I needed that.

Don't we all?  Don't we all need someone saying, "C'mon!  You got this!"

That's why I'm here today.  I want to tell each of you, bloggy friends, that you got this.  You got this day.  You got the tasks it includes.  You got the challenges you face.  You got the burdens you carry.

Well, correction.  You really DON'T got this.  But God does.

You know, the One who stretched out the heavens and named each star by name.  The One who created all that is from absolutely nothing with the command of his voice.  The One who proved faithful to even his faithless people, the Israelites.  The One who showed up in their bondage to free them through miracle after miracle.  The One who fed them in the desert and led them through the wilderness.  The One who saved Jonah from the whale, Daniel from the lions, David from the Giant.  The One who lit fire on drenched wood to show off his greatness among the Baal worshipping men who dared to taunt God's prophet.  The One who is the father to the fatherless and the defender of the widows.  The One who led Joshua and the Israelites to victory by marching around a city.  The One who brought victory to Gideon and his army of 300 as they faced the opponent of thousands of men.  The One who fed the five thousand from a mere portion and provided not just for their physical hunger but their spiritual needs.  The One who cast out demons and healed the blind and deaf and lame.  The One who defeated death and brought the dead back to life.

That One.

He is the One who will walk you through your day, making your paths straight.  He is the One who will be your strength when you are weak.  He is the One who will show up in your weakness and show off how great and faithful He is.  He is the One who will carry your cares when you cast them on Him.  He is the One who still performs miracles and brings dead marriages back to life and still heals the sick and the hurting. He is the One who is close to the broken hearted and binds up their wounds, holding them in His righteous right hand.  He is the One who is the defender of your cause, the refuge in your storm.  He is the One who calms the winds and the waves and your fear and your angst.  He is the One who calls you to simply be still while He fights your battles. He is the One who gives endurance to both the weary mom and the person waiting and waiting for answered prayers. He is the One who knows the hairs on your head, the burdens of your heart, and the dreams of your soul.  He is the One.

He is still faithful.  He is still true. He is still just.  He is still good.  

No matter what your race holds.  No matter how tired you are.  He says, "C'mon.  I'VE got this."  

So press on.  One foot in front of another.  Press on toward the goal of the prize for the ones who never give up.  Press on and remember that those who trust in Him will NEVER be put to shame.  Never.  Ever.  

Soldier on.  In this marathon of life.  In your fatigue and red faced exhaustion.  Stand firm.  And keep going.

Because although you may not have this.  HE does.        

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