Awareness to Action: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

9:17 AMHeather

The road is hell is paved with good intentions.  Or, so they say.  I wouldn't say that I think that is completely theologically accurate, but I will say there's truth there.  Haven't we all had the BEST of intentions on many things in life--with which we never follow through?  How many of you have dog eared a magazine page for future reference that you've never looked at again?  Or how many times have you heard an inspiring sermon or speaker and felt fired up?  And then a week later, it's all a blur and nothing was put into action.  Oh--drum roll--how many Pinterest boards have you created with cleaning ideas you've never implemented and tips and tricks you've never tried for yourself?  New Year's resolutions, anyone?

Deep sigh.  It happens to all of us.  We complete an amazing Bible study and feel all warm and fuzzy and fired upAnd, then a month later, we're back to business as usual.  What changed?  Anything?   

Or, have you read a book that brings you to tears and to laughter and you think, "WOW!  I am moved to action!"

But truth is, you really aren't.  You may be moved to awareness.  And ideas.  And hopes and dreams.  But, action?  Not so much.

Listen, I am becoming ever more fervent in prayers to be moved to ACTION.  CHANGE!  REAL CHANGE!  The Director of the Universe has been giving me some insight and fresh awareness.  And, He's yelled, "ACTION!"

It's my time to respond.  And, I hate to admit that I'm rather frozen here.  Not really sure how to move forward.  Rather bogged down with all the heavy hitting ideas and thoughts and awareness.  I'm at point A.  I can envision a million routes to the next point.  Like when my Google maps gives me too many options--I don't know which route to pick? 

Here's what I wrote in my prayer journal on Tuesday:

Dear Abba:  First, David Platt's Radical.  Then, Kisses from Katie.  Now Jen Hatmaker's 7.  What do You want me to do with all this?  What next?  How do I move forward here?  What are you calling me to do?  Show me, Abba.  Show me.  I'd love a step-by-step action plan.  A check list or task list would do nicely.  A mapped out blue print perhaps?  Give me eyes to see.  Ears to hear.  Help me understand what You have for me--for us, our whole family.   

Okay, anyone have any thoughts?  This is NOT rheortical.  Seriously.  This week, in the 7 Experiment, Jen (we're on a first name basis now) asks, "Are you drawn to a need or people group?  What might radical generosity look like here?" 

The answer for me is YES.  I'm drawn to lots of needs and people groups.  Orphans--top of my list.  Been working in adoption 19 years, after all.  And, the little refugee women in the last 7 video who work at the Austin based business, Open Arms--can I sit amongst you and chat and bless you each somehow?  Young moms.  Africa.  India.  China.  Each of the darling Ugandan children that Katie Davis wrote about.  I'm inspired by and Open Arms and Katie Davis' organization.  Punjammies and all the work to free women from human trafficking.  Sick children.  Those who grieve.  

See my dilemma?  I just don't know.  There are so many options--so many ways to bless others. To reach out.  To be more generous with my time and money and energy and talents.  I'm so much more aware of poverty and the other global needs crying out for justice because of the trifecta of the last three books I've read.  They are all hitting a spot on my heart screaming, "DO SOMETHING!"  

But what?  I could willy-nilly run around and throw myself here and there, a little bit of time to this cause.  A little bit of money to that need.  And that would be fine.  But, I think to be the most effective, I need to figure it out more specifically.  I am desperate for an epiphany or an a-ha moment.  I am in awe and am moved by the stories I've been hearing of those with an incredible passion who are moved to action.  And they are making a difference. 

I don't want it all to end with just good intentions.  I need a plan!  I know no other way to move forward than to pray that God makes it clear.  Opens a door.  Helps me stumble onto a "thing" that can be my thing!  That can be my calling, my way to make a difference.  My way to channel my knowledge, skills, energy, money and time. 

So, seriously.  Has God spoken audibly to any of you bloggy friends to enlighten me?  Anyone he's tapped and said--"Hey!  Next time you see Heather, tell her this is it!"

If not, this is a faith walk.  This is something I do not want to let go by the wayside.  Because we have all had moments of emotional response.  And they are all well and good.

But, I want a moment of actual response.  Show me the way, Lord!  Here I am.  Use me.  Lead me beyond awareness... take me to action.         

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