Our Goodbye, Her Hello

10:41 AMHeather

I last blogged Tuesday night as I sat with Mamaw on the night shift at hospice.  I just want to follow up quickly here while I had a moment.

After I blogged that night, I got to work on the slide show for her funeral.  It was a great night for me.  I sat looking at all these photos of her, showing her big personality.  Remembering all the fun times.  Inspired again by her life and her love.  I'd look at the pictures, and look up at her, as her breathing was labored.  It was an interesting juxtaposition.  The contrast of pictures reflecting how much she loved and embraced life.  A stark contrast to the reality of the end of her life.

Our goodbye.  Her hello.  Because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that when she breathed her last, she'd be welcomed into the embrace of JesusHer Savior, her heavenly Father, face to face, telling her at long last--WELL DONE!  The hello of a multitude of saints welcoming her with extreme joy.  Complete healing.  Restored health.  No tears.  Never again another good-bye.  

The joy to come made me eager, nearly frenzied, for her struggle to end.

So, I fell asleep finally, just before 3:00 a.m.  I fell asleep praying earnestly for Jesus to bring Mamaw home.  Desperately pleading.

At 5:00, the nurses came in to turn Mamaw, and I sat up, realizing I'd dozed off.  They checked her, then Diane, the nurse, came to put her hand on my shoulder and said she was gone.

Never in my life have I experienced something so sweet and precious and sacred.  As drifting to sleep asking for glory to come, for the divine to reach in and touch earth.  And waking to know it had happened.  

Sweet Mamaw, you have fought the good fight.  You have run the race.  Now, we rejoice as you dance on the streets of gold.      

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