Make it Monday: Basketball Table Knock-Off

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Nearly five years ago we moved less than a mile.  Our oldest son decided he wanted to keep the same decor and bedding, and to paint his new room the same exact color as his old room.  In other words, he's not a fan of change.

Or so I thought.

Because just as we wrapped up redoing our middle child's room, our Collin decided that he wanted an update as well.  

What?  What?!  But he has the most amazing military theme room, complete with all kinds of incredible family memorabilia from great grandfathers, grandfathers, and uncles who have served in the military.   A theme that will go all the way till he leaves the house, right?

(P.S.  Yes.  Room redecorating is a Rich People Problem.  I know)  

I hesitated for about a millisecond until it dawned on me.  My baby boy is fourteen.  This will be the last time I redo a room for him until we move him into his dorm room.  At college.  Away from us.  [insert sobbing here]

After much debate and some time on Pinterest to nail down an idea, Collin decided to go the way of his two loves.  Basketball.  And Baylor.  Visions of an over-the-top bright green and gold room horrified me.  With accents of bright orange basketballs?   Surely, there had to be a way here to meet Collin's desires without making me want to puke.

Indeed, we've settled on a great idea and are working our plan, bit by bit.  On a  budget.  Which means THIS bedside table won't be fitting in our plan. 

Perfect height for his tall table.  Check.  Goes with the basketball accents.  Check.  Collin loves it.  Check.  $250?  I don't think so.  

So, as usual, I attacked this dilemma like a dog with a bone.  I scoured the internet.  Like for hours.  Obsessively.  I hit a store or two.  Okay, alright already.  Nine. To be exact.  Came up empty.  

Oh, but I'm not one to give up, so I pressed on!  And, as I checked the ninth store, I spotted a resale shop that I've never been in right next door.  I heard Jen Hatmaker's voice in my head about shopping resale and not being an indulged consumer.  There you have it.  Long shot...but I stepped through the door and lo and behold--front and center!  I saw a table that I thought just might be the answer.

It had three clear plexiglass poles as a base and a square glass top that was not attached.  But, it was the right height and I thought it might work.  Despite the fact that it looked rather feminine and dated.  

I had a little problem unloaded it from my van and accidentally broke one of the table legs.  Which my husband repaired with some gorilla glue and a screw.  Then, I grabbed my black spray paint.  Add a store bought basketball net, suction cups to adhere the net to the bottom of the glass top, and a kid sized basketball in the base.


It was about $65 total.  A savings of $185 from the online version.  

Now, I don't know how many of you bloggy friends actually need a basketball side table.  BUT, my point here translates to whatever YOUR decorating dilemma may be.  With a bit of determination, perserverance, and creativity--you can knock off all kinds of expensive decor.  I've found Pinterest and the internet to be great places to find inspiration.  Then, I hit all my favorite bargain spots--and resale shops--to find alternatives.   It may take some spray paint or other work, but it's amazing how thrift store finds can be transformed.  You can do it!  Happy crafting, bloggy friends! 

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