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I gotta tell you guys.  I'm beginning to sound like a crotchety old lady at the ripe age of 41.  I'm a prodigy, I tell you.  Because even though it tends to make me crazy, I read the headlines on my yahoo front page and wonder what this world is coming to.  Just call me Myrtle, or Mamaw.  Whatever.  I'm sounding like my Granny more and more every day and I shutter to think what my grandkids will think of my ranting and rambling about headlines when I get even older.   Did my Granny utter the phrase "Kids these days" at my age?  Good question.  Of course, she was watching her first set of kids getting married and flying the nest while she cared for her two preschool boys when she was my age.  Maybe I need to start over and see if it erases some of this contentious attitude?  

So, in the spirit of complaining, I present to you some disturbing headlines I've seen recently.  Yep.  I'm just going with the discontent today, bloggy friends.  I've lost my will to fight it temporarily.  Here I am unplugged.  Enjoy! (Then pray for me to get my grace on today.)

1.  Woman defaces a painting at the Louvre by scribbling on it with black pen.
Really?  Didn't her mama teach her to respect other people's property?  Apparently, she was trying to make a point about 9/11.  So she scribbled on the painting with the website for architects and engineers who are determined to get to the bottom of the attacks on the twin towers.   Architects and engineers.  Educated people.  With resources.  So, she wrote on a painting called, "Liberty Leading the People."   Hmmm.  I think her personal portrait should be called, "Stupidy Leading Poor Decisions."  Or, "Childish Foolishness meets Adulthood."  People!  If you want your voice to be heard, do it in a more respectful way and maybe, just maybe, people will listen.  Take a cue from MLK.  Something productive and on point to what you want to communicate.  Cause all your behavior tells me is that you are a punk who doesn't care about a valuable work of art, or the museum that houses it, or the public for whose pleasure and use the museum is dedicated.  Let me tell you, Scribble Girl.  My kids scribbled on the walls when they were toddlers.  And, it led to consequences.  Shall I take you in the bathroom for a "talk?"

2.  Girl paid $200 to quit Facebook for 5 months.  By her dad.  
Listen, most days I'm not earning any Parent of the Year award around here.  But, I know better than this.  Let's bribe our kids and make them sign a binding contract, taking them up on their offer to be PAID for quitting Facebook (temporarily, I might add.  Not forever).  Apparently, the girl came up with the plan because she wanted to earn money and found that Facebook was a distraction.   Hey there, Dad.  May I make a suggestion?  How about having her get a job a EARN the money?  Oh, she's only 14?  I was babysitting by then.  There's plenty of ways to earn some cash.  I'm not even opposed to paying her for work done around the house.  But, let's skip on the bribe to do something she should do anyway.  Man up and be the parent who simply removes the temptation and privilege of social media.  And then gives her consequences if she breaks the rules. 

3.  CBS Warns about Modesty Rules for Grammys. 
Admittedly, I'm a little mixed on this one.  On the one hand--BRAVO!  Yes, let's help modesty make a come back.  Kudos for standing up for such a thing, CBS.  Love that!  I want modesty to be cool.  Not just for my daughter, but for my boys, too.  Who have to look at all the "inappropriate" in the world while trying to maintain their purity.

On the other hand.  What has the world come to that we have to tell intelligent multimillionaires that they can't show their breasts and buttocks on national television?  Really?  The fact that this has received media attention tells us it's breaking news.  Breaking news?  To keep your private parts private?  Yi yi yi.  Hard to fathom that this type of warning must be made.  But, we all know it must be said.  The interesting thing will be to see if it's enforced.

And, side note.  Me thinks CBS might want to decide who they are and what they stand forHere you have a network that airs the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  But, they also tell famous people to cover their backside.  Which is it, CBS?  You do or you don't want modesty?  Hypocrisy at it's finest.  Choose a side!  Stick with it!  As long as it's on the side of modesty.  

4.  "Nasty Claims in Kim K Divorce Case."  
I don't even know where to start here.  We have the family famous for being famous.  The celebs who are reality stars, agreeing to have their most private moments and conversations aired on television.  Who also complain about the intrusion on their private lives when photographers get too close.  Hmmm.  You got a crazy expensive wedding--the cost of which could have fed millions of orphans in Africa.  A 72 day marriage.  A long dragged out divorce proceeding.  Mud slinging and nasty claims...about the extenuating circumstances which should bring about a rapid close to the case.  Of course, those circumstances would be a pregnant Kim K. who is so happy to be preggers after dealing with infertility.  Huh?  I'm not calling her a liar.  But, listen.  I've worked with infertile couples for nearly 19 years.  Couples who fall in love and make a commitment and get married and act responsibly and then want to start a family.  I personally feel like it belittles those sweet and committed families for a reality star who's never made such a committment to a marriage to complain about infertility when she's dated that Kanye for like a minute and a half.  Just how long have they tried to build their family?  And, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye.  There's another story.  Maybe Kris Jenner can teach him some manners.  I don't mean to sound insensitive here.  I know how devastating it is to want a family and not be able to have it.  But, Kim K might want to get her ducks in a row first.  Like, get divorced.  Find closure on what went wrong there.  Learn from your mistakes.  Then, get to know Kanye.  Make a commitment.  Get married for the right reasons.  THEN, see about bringing a child into your madness.  Just saying.  Oh--and remember.  Millions of people are watching.  You are a role model and example.  Just what kind of message are you sending to the young and impressionable?  With your fame comes responsibility, too.  Harsh, I know.  But, for the love of the next generation (not to mention your unborn baby), consider the good you can do with your influence.  Use your superpowers for good

5.  Aussie Tycoon Opposed to Inheritance.  
So counter cultural!  This guy gives away $50 million dollars to charity--namely, the Australian National University for scholarships.  He is quoted to say, ""in some cases they [wealthy people] pass the wealth down to later generations who have behaved badly. And I think that's a really bad example." 

Wow.  This guy is bucking the societal norm for sure.  Hey--can we have him talk to that dad who agreed to give $200 to his teen daughter for quitting Facebook for 5 months?    

Nothing to say here but good for him.  Easy for me to say.  I'm not his kid who just got passed over.  But, overall, I love a man who stands up to say, "earn your way.  I love you enough to teach you to have a good work ethic and not feel entitled."  That's some tough love and a bold stance.  And that's wisdom for this man, who should know, to say that wealth can poison kids. 

By the way--he did say that his four children will receive a "bit" of money and a great education.  Then, as adults, they will make their own way.  Hopefully not as some buttocks bearing entertainer who has to be told to cover up.  Or a art destroying scribbler or a reality star who thinks it's just not fair that her divorce isn't over now that she's gotten pregnant by another man?  

I'm just saying.  Peace out, bloggy friends.  This has been your gripe session with your favorite crotchety forty-one-year-old Mamaw.  Kids these days....

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