Make it Monday: Let Them Eat Cake! In a Cute Carrier!

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So, forever ago, I pinned something on Pinterest that I had never made.  And I had bought all the supplies for it even.  I know--shocker.  Bet this never happens to ANY ONE else.  

Well, listen.  This whole 7 thing and reducing excess is just really messing with me big time.  I admitted on our 7 Facebook group that I tend to hoard craft supplies.  Like a lot of them.  As in my friend, Megan, calls my craft room a mini Hobby Lobby.  It's pretty easy for me to justify because it's all rather tidy.  It's not piled up like in that TV show Hoarders where my dead body will be found only after the stench reaches the neighbor's houses.  

Being organized makes the hoarding okay.  Right?  At least I was feeling prideful until the onslaught of my undoing about how I ignore my excess...and I stack up more of all kinds of things, except more of Jesus.  GULP.

Listen, to all my fellow-7'ers:  you have permission to slap my wrist if you hear I've bought a gift for anyone.  Because I currently have on hand enough supplies I've purchased to make dozens of gifts.  DOZENS, I tell ya.  

With all that in mind, I went to my stash to whip up a hostess gift for my dear friends, Victor and Myrandi.  Bless their hearts--parents of two sweet and darling girls--they agreed to host the 8th grade BOYS for Disciple Now.  That deserves a nod...or more.  

A personalized cake carrier.  Filled with pumpkin muffins.  Which I advised them to HIDE from those boys unless they were okay with them disappearing in 1.5 seconds.   

When I handed it to Myrandi with a handwritten note (my Granny would be ever so proud of that touch!), she innocently asked, "Do boys like pumpkin muffins?"  

Is it edible?  Or close to it?  Because if that whole group is anything like my guys, it just doesn't really matter.  

I was nearly giddy to show up with this creation--albeit inexpensive and easy.  Because I knew I'd used resources I already had.  And, I truly hoped it'd bless the recipients for the way they were blessing my boy.  

Here's the scoop:
 --Dollar Tree cake carrier.  Bought about 14 months ago
--craft vinyl I found and bought online about 8 months ago at 
--ribbon that I had on hand

Yep, been sitting on this project awhile.    

To complete the carrier:
1.  I used my Cricut to cut the letters and little astericks in four different color vinyls (black, hot pink, turquoise and purple).

2.  Then, I slapped them on the carrier.  

3.  I cut some random ribbons that have been in my craft room since the dawn of time.  Tied them in double knots around the handle and then trimmed then down.  

As for those pumpkin muffins?  Another Pinterest favorite find.
--Can of pureed pumpkin
--Yellow Cake mix
--dash of cinnamon

Are you exhausted from all those supplies?  Now equally complicated instructions.

1.  Mix the pumpkin and cake mix together until smooth.  Throw in some cinnamon.  
2.  Pour into cupcake liners and bake according to cupcake instructions on the cake mix box.

If you want to get all fancy, you too can even use some personalize & perfect cupcake liners.  Victor plays soccer.  Thus, the soccer cupcake liners.  Which I had on hand.  Leftover from a baby shower.

That's it, folks.  It felt awesome to use what I had to create a gift I wanted to give for some special someones who I wanted to love on.  

Rumor has it those boys demolished those muffins in no time.  I can't tell you, however, that this is a vote of confidence.  Just a sure sign that some hungry teenage boys were given access to the muffins.  It's also a sure sign of just how hospitable my friends are.  Cause I would've hidden those muffins in my room if I had received them.  

Take a look around.  If you have unfinished projects or supplies, get to it!  No time like the present.  Your wallet will thank you.  You'll feel extremely resourceful.  So, happy crafting and baking, bloggy friends!      

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