Love Letter from Your Not-Secret Admirer

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Today, bloggy friends, I present to you a page straight from my prayer journal.  I've been journaling like this for years.  Don't think I'm crazy...or go ahead and do think that after my confessions on Tuesday about voices in my head.   What follows is a regular part of my prayer time.  I sit with a pen and my journal and write what I feel God saying to me.  As if He's writing to me.  

But, I know without a doubt, that today--Valentine's Day--this is intended for YOU.

Dearest child,
You are being loved.  Every moment of everyday.  You are being adored and cherished and fawned over and loved.  Because I'm crazy about you.  You delight Me.  In every sense of the phrase.  I could never be more happy and pleased and overjoyed to be your Abba Father--to call you My child.  To make you a joint heir to eternal treasures.  

I'm just nuts about you.  I sing over you with rejoicing.  I sing a love song of redemption and freedom and how I've made you Mine forever.  I sing a lullaby to lull you to peaceful rest in the midst of your chaos.  I sing a song of joy and sheer delight as you seek to know Me.  I cherish our every moment together.  I love it when you talk to Me and pour out your heart.  And the smile that comes to My face when you stop to worship and give thanks and praise.  Because there--in that moment--the heavens part and the offering of praise and worship touches the heart of your God.  There--in those moments of communion together, the brokenness of earth is divinely and profoundly met with the perfection of glory.

Yes, indeed, I love you.  NO matter what.  There is nothing you can do to make Me love you more or less.  I choose you.  I always have and I always will.  I choose you to adopt as My very own--into My forever family.  I choose you, so let Me carry the heavy burdens.  Place them on My sturdy shoulders.  I've got them.  I've got you.  I'll carry you through the pit and the darkness and the horrible pain you may face.  Yes, I'll carry you.  Because I want to--and I choose to.  I'll hold you in My lap and wipe away your tears and smooth your hair and rock you until you feel comforted.  Because I'm your Heavenly Daddy and My heart aches for what breaks yours.  Just as I hope that your heart breaks for what breaks Mine.  I will quiet you with My love.  Because that's what I do.  And that's the very essence of who I am.  I am love.  So, come and sit awhile.  Tell Me all about it.  Pour it all out for My capable hands to hold.  Show Me where it hurts--and be reminded that your Abba heals the brokenhearted.  And carries you always.  Because I choose to.

Oh, how can I ever convey My unending love for you?  I dance over you--while you are unaware.  I reach into your day constantly--but you don't always see.  The birds chirping and singing.  The sun rising in the east and setting in the west with a multitude of colors that I paint for your pleasure.  The kindness of a friend.  The faithfulness of a pet.  The wonder of food in abundance and green grass and blue skies.  Yes, I send you love notes all day long.  Because I want you to know--I wish you could grasp--just how much I love you.  You are never alone.  No, you are a dear, beloved, cherished, treasured, adored child of the King of Kings.

I even signed my love letter in blood.

So, please.  Today.  Go and live like you are loved.      

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