The Death of Discontent! Join the Battle Cry

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In this technology and information age, I have come to believe that a problem of epidemic proportions is sweeping our culture.  It's taken root, subtly and slowly and steadily, and its thorns threaten to choke us of all joy, all peace, and even all hope.  And as I've been meditating on gratitude, I'm gaining fresh perspective on the dangers of this insidious enemy for each of us, our children, and our families.

I believe the biggest enemy of gratitude is discontentment.  Call me captain obvious.  But, honestly, take a step back.  Are we not constantly bombarded with messages aimed to fuel discontent?  Messages that attack any feeling of being thankful and feeling complete.

Television shows, advertising, and media tell us we aren't thin enough, pretty enough, rich enough, hairless enough, famous enough--and ultimately good enough.  It's a wonder anyone in America has an ounce of self-esteem.  These messages have even creeped into my favorite Christian radio station.  It makes me nuts to hear words of truth in the music, followed by commercials about weight loss, laser hair removal, and even a "mommy make-over."  

Pinterest tells us we aren't organized enough, don't cook enough, don't have the perfect wardrobe, and don't have the dream house we could have.  Facebook tells us that all our friends are happy and wonderful and their lives are perfect and their children walk on water.  Or at least, I feel this from time to time, as my mind engages in the horror of comparing myself with others' self-reports.  

My mailbox is full of advertising designed to make me buy SOMETHING that I'm missing.  That is my snail mail and especially my email.  Obviously, if I just buy what they are selling, I will be more content.  These advertisements tell me that my life is lacking their product, and thus not fulfilled in some way or another.  

Listen, bloggy friends.  It's a beat down.  It's constant.  And, I'm here today to boldly proclaim that it's a problem.  And, I've had enough of the message that I'm not enough.

Will you join my efforts to rise up against this epidemic of discontent?  Will you stand up with me to seek the solution to all this?  Because it's not complicated.  But, it's not easy either.

As I've pondered this dilemma, I believe the answer is as simple as this.  

Refuse discontent.  Be disgusted with it enough to have eyes to really see where it's creeping in.  And do not receive it.  Period.  

Rise up and cry with all your heart that you will not buy the lie of discontent!  Then begin to methodically weed it out.  I need your company and encouragement on this journey.  Won't you please join me?

Mute the commercials or fast forward through them on your DVR.  Be very alert to any message that begins to grow a seed of discontent in your heart.  And, as soon as you recognize it, refuse it.  Set perimeters on Pinterest.  Refuse to pin anything that leads you to feel discontent.  Or better yet--take time to fast from Pinterest and set your heart in a new direction.  Take time to bask in the Word and things that build you up.  I've seen several friends on Facebook recently announce a social media fast.  Great idea, I believe.  Toss out any advertisement that comes in the mail.  Fill up your recycle bin.  Don't even open an email advertisement.  Unsubscribe.  Simplify.  Be mindful of anything that leaves you wanting for more.  

It's an uphill battle.  It's swimming upstream.  But, I'm feeling a tug of excitement about where my heart might turn if I can declare the death of discontent.  How might my children benefit from such an emphasis?  How might our family change?  

Oh, bloggy friends.  On this road to gratitude, I believe step one is to gird myself with weapons designed to declare the DEATH of discontent.  Won't you join my battle cry?  Won't you raise your voice with me and say enough is enough?  Won't you be so mindful of the first sign of discontent, anything that makes you feel that you don't measure up?  So that we might methodically dismantle it's treacherous effects on our heartSo that we might fill ourselves up with the one thing that is always enough.  The love of our Savior.  

I am a child of the King of Kings.  He is always enough.  Discontent--be gone! 

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