Make it Monday: Inexpensive Gift Basket Idea

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I don't know about you guys, but God is starting to meddle in some rather personal places in my life and its JUST. SO. CONVICTING.  And amazing.  Hard!  And great.  So, today, I welcome the opportunity to keep it lighthearted here on the blog with all of you, my bloggy friends.  

Last Friday, I got to see an old friend at her surprise 40th birthday party. I'm not calling 40 old, mind you.  It's been in my rear view mirror for a while now.  It's just that she and I go way back.  So, I didn't want to show up with some boring, anyone-could-have-bought-it gift.  

I scoured Pinterest and saw lots of cute gift baskets.  That seemed like a good idea.  So, I headed out last Wednesday on my quest for just what to fill it with.  I had in mind to hit up the Dollar Tree, but had to run to Mardel's in search of those blasted 7 Bible study books that are about to turn my world upside down.   

Good news/bad news.  Bad News:  NO 7 Bible study books.  In fact, I wanted to scream, "Do you get out much?" when the lady helping me had no clue who Jen Hatmaker was.  Duh.  The girl who God is using to ruin me.  Good news:  bargain book section.  All books were $1-$5.  Brainstorm!  (P.S.  to my newly 40 year old friend--sorry!  You know this about me.  I am a bargain shopper.  That basket may have looked expensive but I stayed on budget, which I think you'll still appreciate if you're reading this blog).

A basket of books.  Perfect.  Because my friend's kids are getting older.  And, in this season of life, in between refereeing kids and helping with home work, I have down time.  So, I've discovered books again.  Not just the magazines in the pediatrician's office. 

I tackled the bargain book section and there were some amazing finds!  I should have made a list for you, but I forgot to.  Suffice it to say, it was a lot of good books.  Many were even hard cover.  I think in all I gathered about a dozen.  I found a devotion book for soccer moms, a book about marriage, a book of funny cartoon post cards, a book about science and God's Word (she home schools--thought that might come in handy), a Terri Blackstock novel (love her!), and on and on.  I also bought a journal and book marks to add to the basket.  

Isn't it cute? 

Alara--if you were hoping to hide your age, sorry that I just spilled the beans.  But, the basket DID have your name on it!

After I wrapped up at Mardel's, I went on to Dollar Tree and found this super cute bucket and the colorful tissue paper.  I used my Cricut to do the letters and added some pretty black bows on the handles.  Not sure those show up here because this isn't the best picture?  

Anyway, I've never given a bucket or basket of books, but I was super pleased to show up with this beauty.  There's nothing like diving into a good book, whether it's fiction or non-fiction.  And hopefully, when she reads them all (which she said might take her till her next birthday), she'll remember how much I love her.   Maybe you've given such a gift, but if not--you really should go check out Mardel's bargain book section!  I don't even earn a kick back...I'm just letting you know.  But, for the love, don't ask them about a Jen Hatmaker Bible study book for 7.  Cause they DON'T have it.  

Happy gift giving, bloggy friends!     

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