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Have you ever been in a spiritual season where there was an undertow pulling you, but you weren't yet sure where?  When you felt a tug and a growing sense of being moved and changed and transformed?  But, you weren't yet sure how and where and why?  When you felt, as the Chronicles of Narnia so eloquently exclaim, that Aslan is on the move?  And though it's all but a fog, sketchy at best--you know God is up to something.  It makes you feel excited.  And scared.  And anxious.

Yep.  Me.  Here and now.  In 2013.  Here are the dots that have yet to be connected completely.  Gratitude.  Complaining.  Discontent.  Excess.  Freedom from that excess.  Less is more.  I can see the outline of the faint line that connects them.  Of course, those concepts relate to each other.  But, what I don't know yet...what I am seeking to discover... Where is this windy road taking me?  What changes are coming?

Bloggy friends.  This is a big clue to what's ahead, right here.  

To be honest, haven't read it yet.  I just got it in the mail Tuesday.  Yesterday, I read the first page of the intro.  I know!  Warp speed.  Several friends have read it and been posting on Facebook about the slaps in the face its given them, particularly my friend Amy.  

What I have read is Jen Hatmaker's blog, and I swear, we are BFF's although we've never met.  So, I'm excited!  About what?  I'm not yet sure.  It has something to do with 7.  And excess.  And fasting.  And The Council.  Yes!  I want to join that!  Now, what is that?!  

Honestly, I have no clue right now.  But, interestingly enough, I have been at my usual "start of the semester" questioning of what Bible study to do.  So, I threw it out there on Facebook.  That's how last falls' One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer group came together.  Several suggestions were posted.  All sound amazing.  And then my friend Rhonda commented that she's intrigued by our mutual friend, Amy's posts.  (Yes, the friend who just read 7).  Rhonda didn't mention the name of the book.  And right underneath her, another friend, Tracy, suggested the Bible study she's doing--on 7!  Sorry if you need a chart to keep it straight.  Bottom line.  Amy talks about 7.  Rhonda is intrigued and notes that on my status.  No mention of the book 7 listed.  Tracy--who as far as I know--doesn't know Amy or Rhonda, suggests 7.  Ding, ding, ding.  We have a winner!  

So, in the 48 hours since, Rhonda and I have made a plan.  I've bought the Bible study books for 7 (separate from the chapter book 7 pictured above).  We are starting a study group in February.  And, I hope to devour the chapter book before then.  

Oh, and one more important note on this whole subject of the "7" book.  Amy dropped by the other day to deliver something.  We sat and chatted and I filled her in on Rhonda's comments and our subsequent plan to start our own study group of 7.  I told her I couldn't wait to figure out what The Council is and the 7 and all that stuff.  She was excited and said she'd love for a group of ladies in our church and community to read up and join in.  She made the off hand comment, "I mean, not like start a revolution or anything.  Just get on the same page with these Biblical concepts and see where it leads."  I chuckled and we moved on.

But, y'all...why not?  Why not start a revolution?  I have to laugh to remember how dangerous it just might be when Amy and I discuss a tugging on her heart.  There's a MOPS group at Church at the Cross that started with a similar conversation 9 years ago in my living room.  God is bigger than Amy or me or Rhonda or Tracy or Jen Hatmaker.  Aslan is on the move!

Won't you join in?  I triple dog dare you to say a prayer, buy the book, and dive in.  I don't know where this is going.  I don't know what God has in store.  But, I know that Aslan is on the move.  We live in a more, more, more culture of excess.  Wanna be counter cultural?  Let's start a movement of less is more.  Less, less, less.

I have a feeling that if we commit to subtract from our lives with whatever we can learn from Jen Hatmaker, then God will multiply.  Exponentially.  

Do you feel it?  Can I adequately articulate this excitement bubbling up in me?  Can I express it in a way to make it contagious?  Oh, I hope so.  I do indeed.  

Let's join forces and see where God takes us.  Let's be willing to obey and to get excited and just sit back and see God in action.  A revolution?  Why not?  My God is a God of revolution and bucking the system.  He sent his Son from heaven to be a man and turn the legalistic religious movement of that day on its head.  Just what might He do in our culture of excess if we not only let Him but plead for Him to do so?  In our hearts.  In our homes.  With our friends.  In our social circles.  In our community.  

Goosebumps.  That's what I get when I consider all the possibilities of what God might be up to.  And, then, He'll blow all those ideas outta the water.  Because talk about excess?  

Now to him who is able to do 
than all we ask or imagine, 
according to his power that is at work within us.
Ephesians 3:20

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