Make it Monday: Tile Coasters--CREATE Christmas project #1

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The countdown is on. 4.5 more weeks!  Don't you have it marked on your calendar?!  I hope so!  4 weeks and 5 days, bloggy friends.  Can you hardly stand the excitement?  

Don't know what I'm talking about?!  It's the 3rd Annual CREATE Christmas event, of course.  You know--that super fun crafty day where you show up and find all supplies and instructions for multiple projects are available?  Walk in with a snack and a friend--go with your mom or daughter or both.  Walk out with lots of great Christmas gifts DONE and fun memories made.  

And, yes, I am shamelessly using this blog to advertise this event.

This is one of my most favoritist things EVER.  I love planning it and pulling it off.  I love seeing my friends.  I love seeing the completed projects and hearing my favorite Christmas CD's for the first time of the season.  I love looking around the room and seeing ladies and teens and little girls all laughing and having fun.  I love watching the gleam in someone's eye when they complete a project and see what they can accomplish.  So, I hope you'll mark your calendar and join us!  

I've completely revamped my game plan this year.  There will be 5 projects offered again.  But, all are simple and quick...and cheap, cheap, cheap.  Each project is merely $5.  You can easily knock out a whole list of gifts or projects in this day.  And, I've expanded the hours.  We'll go from 9 am until 4 pm this year, come and go.  So, even if you are busy part of the day, you can still come and join in.  

And, I'm going to share the instructions for each project HERE on my blog in the weeks leading up to it.  I hope you'll be inspired to come to CREATE  Christmas, seeing how easy the projects are.  And, you can use the blog as a great reference after that day in case you want to make MORE crafty goodness.  

First up in our CREATE Christmas projects are tile coasters.  These make great gifts for just about anyone on your gift list--men and women.  In fact, last year, my friends Tim and Holly gave us a set.  We use them ALL the time.

Here is technique #1.  (and BTW--the $5 for this project is for a set of 4, tied up all pretty with ribbon--ready to present as a gift).

1.  Take 4 small tiles (4" x 4") from Lowes.  Choose the rubber stamps that you LOVE--the design and/or letter you want.

2.  Using the permanent ink (StazOn is great), stamp the design and letter onto your tile.  

3.  Place a tiny felt bumper onto the back of each tile, in every corner.  

4.  Let them dry, then stack them and tie them up with a pretty bow.  
Yep. That's it.  Easy breezy.  And, if you like options, here's technique #2...just for you!

1.  Choose either scrapbook paper OR a printed napkin that you love.  Cut it to size for the 4x4 tile--a bit smaller, to allow for an edge around the tile if you'd like.  

2.  Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the top of the tile.  Gently lay down your paper or napkin and press out the wrinkles with your brush.

3.  Add another layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper or napkin to seal it.  You can do 2 layers if you'd like to create a linen or canvas effect.  Do a layer horizontally.  Let it dry a little, then do a second layer on top vertically this time.

4.  Once the Mod Podge has dried a bit, press your felt bumpers on the back corners of each tile. 

5.  When it's all dry, stack them up and tie with a pretty ribbon for presentation. 

It's that simple, folks!  Great teachers' gifts, neighbor's gifts, co-worker's gift, family or friends.... So for the love of all things crafty...MARK YOUR CALENDAR for November 17th from 9 am to 4 pm and come to Church at the Cross in Grapevine, Texas, in the Hanger.  Come get your craft on!     

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