Make it Monday: Decorate Your Own Dishware, Create Christmas project #3

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Attention all Pinterest lovers!  Have any of you pinned THIS project?

These are dollar store plates and mugs decorated with a sharpie.  And the pinterest links promise that when you bake these goodies, the ink becomes permanent.  

News flash!  It's a vicious lie.  It's a rumor that I've found has been debunked by a not-as-familiar blog called Pintrosity.   Listen, fellow Pinterest lovers.  If you spend hours on Pinterest AND actually intend to create something you've pinned, then you need to stop by Pintrosity.  Because Pintrosity are true stories of Pinterest projects gone bad.  

And, it's where I got the news flash that this sharpie-is-permanent-after-baking is actually a myth.  Yes, indeed.  AFTER I'd chosen this project for Create Christmas.  Oops.  

But, listen, I'm no rookie crafter.  I've learned not to panic because there is always a plan B.  Always.  Well, most of the time.  And, lucky for me, my dear friend Rebekah had unknowningly chosen this exact project for a MOPS craft.  We laughed about our good taste, and I got to ride on her coat tails as she figured this thing out with the advice I'd found on Pintrosity.  I fed her the info, and she was the craft tester.  

Without further ado, I present to you the "THIS ACTUALLY WORKS" version of permanently decorating your own dollar store mugs and plates.  

--Dollar store mugs and plates (white are best)
--Porcelaine pens (found HERE on Amazon...HERE as well)
--Oven for baking

1.  Decorate your mugs and plates with the porcelaine pens--all different colors!  Check out Pinterest for some ideas.  Do a monogram.  Write a note.  Do a name.  Write out a Scripture verse or song lyrics.  Add polka dots or hearts or whatever!  Be imaginative.  Stencils don't work too well, so free handing your decorations work best.  

2.  Wait for 24 hours.  Yep.  Just sit back and admire your creations.

3.  Place your dish ware into a cold oven.  Yes.  COLD.  THEN, turn the oven to 300 degrees.   Once the oven has hit 300, let your pieces bake for 30 minutes.

4.  Turn off the oven and LEAVE the pieces in there.  Leave them in the oven until they are completely cooled.  

5.  ENJOY!  They should be dishwasher safe.  Although, I'd err on the safe side and use the top rack, if possible.  Hand washing would double ensure your decorations stay intact.  But, this has been proven and tried by dear Rebekah, and I saw her mugs--they looked adorbs and perfect, even after a trip through the dishwasher. 

I love this project!  So easy and simple--once you figure out the whole use a porcelaine pen and NOT a sharpie.   Use a newlywed's song from their first dance--write the lyrics on a set of plates!  Or let your kidlets decorate some mugs or plates for their grandparents.  You can do bowls, too, of course.  But, we'll be doing mugs and plates at Create Christmas.   Once again--come to Church at the Cross in Grapevine on November 17th from 9-4 for this craft and four others--equally simple and FUN!  And, for $5 you will get to do TWO pieces of dishware.  Happy crafting, bloggy friends!

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