Make it Monday: Fall Monogram Door Hanger

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One of the best things about the family weddings this summer was getting to see some of those family members who live far away.  Ashley, my husband's cousin, and I always enjoy catching up and sharing Mommy ideas, crafting ideas, and recipes.  And, we were lucky enough to have them stay at our house so we could have a pajama party with Ash and her daughter, Sydney.  Such fun!  

Since Ashley recently moved to Connecticut, she was in dire need of a Hobby Lobby fix.  And of course, I was all too happy to oblige her!  As we scoured the 90% sales aisle, we found some empty frames.  The glass was broken out and they were a bit banged up.  But, we had an idea for a door hanger inspired by a Pinterest Christmas door hanger idea.

Here's the finished product.

 (Yes, I need better photography skills so that you don't see my reflection in the glass door!

This was by far one of the cheapest and easiest door hangers/wreath projects I've ever tried.  I found the $3 black frame on my HobLob trip with Ashley, and then we headed right over to the wood letter aisle.  I grabbed the "E" for $1.77.  The rest of the supplies were things I had in my craft room, left from other projects.  But, honestly, they wouldn't cost you much at all!  I still think you could do this for $10 or under.  Here's the supply list.

Large frame with no glass
Wood Letter for your Monogram
Tissue Paper
Mod Podge (or elmer's glue watered down)
Tulle Ribbon
Package of embellishment flowers

Now, onto the instructions.  

1.  Mod podge or glue the tissue paper over the letter.  I didn't paint the letter at all, so the natural wood color showed through the thin tissue paper.

2.  I took some leftover twine, and began to wind it around itself, using hot glue, to create the centers of the twine flowers.  I liked the look enough that I also left some as is.  

3.  To finish the twine flowers, I looped the twine to create the "petal outline", using hot glue on the back of the center to hold it together.  

4.  I found a package of unused black embellishment flowers from some other project.  I hot glued them in the middle of my twine flowers and my twine twirly things.  

5.  I hot glued these in the top left corner and the bottom right corner.  I decided it needed something more.  So, I grabbed some dark gold sheer ribbon.  I hot glued loops of it behind the layered twine and black flower.  I just added until it looked done.  

6.  Optional:  I found some rhinestones and wanted a bit of bling.  So, I hot glued some of these in the center of the twine twirly things.  (I'm really technical with these projects)

7.  I used some black tulle ribbon and cut a long length of it.  I wrapped it around the top of the now dry letter, and then wound it to the top of the frame.  I took the last of the long lengths and left a bit more length before I tied a bow where it would hang on my command hook.  

Craft tip: I keep black and white tulle ribbon on hand at all times!  Makes great fluffy bows on packages and such.  Buy it when half-off and you'll find lots of use for it!  

I really like how this turned out.  

I can see all sorts of variations of this using Christmas tissue paper and ornament embellishments or Thanksgiving or Easter or Valentine's...or just about anything!  It would also make a cute wall hanging for a nursery or child's room with the right tissue paper and embellishments?  And, so affordable that you COULD swap it out for each season.  I hope you enjoy making your own and would love to see photos.  Happy crafting!

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