Make it Monday: Dry Erase Weekly Planner

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I've started a new job this fall.  Doesn't pay much.  In fact, it costs me a lot of time and money.  It's Mom's Taxi Service.  I have 3 clients.  They require frequent drop-offs and pick-ups.  And, it can be hard to keep straight.  Although I have it on my phone AND I have a calendar for the month on my fridge, I needed something else to organize my brain.  I need to be able to see my week at a glance.

This is the before of this week's project. 

Well, technically this is the after-that-is-now-my-before.  I bought an old nasty white window from a local store that sells really cool salvage/flea market type items.  It was $25.  My sister-in-law and her friend and I painted it black and then I worked on it to become a photo display for her wedding.  Gotta love the 80's hairdo of the mothers of the bride and groom!  

I saw something on Pinterest that planted the idea for this weeks easy make-it project.  So, with permission from my sister-in-law to claim this window as my own, I converted the photo display into a dry erase weekly planner.  

This took me about 15 minutes.  Really.  It took longer for my husband and I to hang it at just the right height than it did for me to make it.

I just pulled off the sticker lettering from the wedding, and pulled out the photos on the scrapbook paper mats.  Had to clean it up a bit with vinegar (my new cheap window cleaner) to get the old glue dots off. 

Then, I just cut scrapbook paper to fit the window panes.  The trick is finding paper that isn't too busy or dark so that your writing will show up.  I printed up the days of the week with the Grutchshaded font and matted them on black card stock.  I used a tape runner to adhere them to the scrapbook paper.  Last, but not least, I used glue dots to put the scrapbook paper on the back of each glass window pane.

That's it.  Voile!  Because it's glass, you can use a dry erase marker to write on and wipe off.  Of course, in my OCD mind, I had to go buy colored dry erase markers so I could color code each child's activities on the planner.  The need to color code is part of my dilemma because my children all have the same initials, which eliminates that system for me.  I love the way this turned out...somehow I think the font and paper give it a Pottery Barn knock-off look.  And, now, Mom's Taxi Service can operate more efficiently with the owner and operator more organized.  Try one for yourself!  I bet you can find windows at Seconds in Surplus or you might even have one from an old home laying around.  Lots of impact for not much time and money.  My kind of project!  Happy Crafting!

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