Make it Monday: $5 Gift Basket (Teachers, Summer, Just Because)

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Yes, I know.  You are past the point of worrying about teacher's gifts.  But, you never know when this idea still might come in handy--or you can tuck it away nearly a full year in advance!  This year, I wanted to do a little something not JUST for the home room teacher--but for all those staff who have walked my son through his elementary years.  In honor of his moving on to middle school, I wanted to thank the nurse who has frequently helped my asthmatic child.  The PE teachers who have channeled his energy.  The music and art teachers who have invested in his creativity.  And, bless her, the poor Spanish teacher who has given a really good effort for our foreign-language-challenged family members.  

But, my budget didn't match my ambitions.  And, in the rush of that last week of school--my creativity and time for a cheap homemade gift didn't match my reality.  And, thus--necessity became the mother of invention.

I present to you...the $5 Summer Survival Basket...brought to you by the Dollar Tree.

(Yes, sideways...again.  Gotta figure that out.)

Here are the contents:
--Monogrammed water bottle
--Box of Ice Pops
--Sudoko or Crossword Puzzle book
--Bath salts
--and, of course, the great reusable plastic basket

 I just cut the monogram letters on my Cricut from vinyl and pressed the letters onto these cute water bottles.  I added a little tulle around the bottle, and then rolled up the book and tied it up with more tulle ribbon.  And, I wove some tulle through the holes in the top of the basket.  
That's about the extent of my work.  Just placed it all into the basket and threw in some colorful tissue paper.  Here are the tags I printed up and had my children sign for each one.
 Again with the sideways.  If any of you bloggy friends know how to fix that--let me know.  Here's what it says, in case you want to know and reading sideways isn't working for you: 

Your Summer Survival Basket
Enjoy your well deserved time off! Keep yourself hydrated with your own personal water bottle.  Keep your mind sharp with your summer reading.  Keep yourself relaxed with frequent bubble baths. And, keep yourself cool on those hot summer days with a frozen treat. But most of all, keep in mind that your hard work and dedication all year long is never forgotten and is very much appreciated! And, we will always keep you in our hearts for all that you’ve done.

Anyhoo--hope you feel inspired.  I've found the dollar store or Target's dollar spot to be a great source of unlimited gift basket potential for just about any occasion.  Honestly--who doesn't love a thoughtful gift--no matter the cost involved?  It's the thought and effort that count.  So, go and enjoy your make-it-Monday, bloggy friends.   

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